Buy PC speakers and attractive portable speakers to listen to high-quality audio output. Whether you are looking for a set of speakers for work, entertainment or gifting purpose, you are sure to find the right one from the range of items in stock.

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The best speakers for high audio quality

When you want to enjoy high-quality music or watch a movie or play games with an immersive experience, you need to invest in the best stereo speakers. Choose from PC stereo speakers , USB powered speakers and portable models to enjoy excellent audio output. We stock speakers from reputed brands like Logitech, Planet Buddies and Divoom.

Stereo speakers for PC

Stereo speakers build two speakers into one device that can be connected to a PC for amplifying audio. These speakers are typically placed on either side for the best effect. We stock Logitech stereo speakers and USB speakers that are compact, making them easy to set up anywhere and move across the house as needed.

Fancy portable speakers

Portable speakers don’t just have to offer the convenience of taking it with you on the go - they can also be fun and quirky. We stock attractive portable speakers shaped like birds and cute vintage-style speakers in lovely colour shades with features like FM radio and mini karaoke machine. These portable speakers are great to own and make excellent gift options for adults or kids.

Get speakers and tech products delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Australia, including all major cities like Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

General FAQ

How do I connect PC speakers to my computer?

Connect your speakers to a computer or laptop through the audio jack available. The corresponding stereo output jack is colour-coded or includes a symbol for your convenience.

How long does the battery last for a portable speaker?

The battery life after a full charge varies across speaker brands and models and can range from 4 to 24 hours. Please check the specifications for details on the battery life of the specific product.

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