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Awesome google Chrome Extensions That Will boost your productivity and save time

Google Chrome is a haven of apps for entertainment, work, news, socializing – you name it’s there. Just like there are hundreds of apps to spend your time for leisure, there are also many useful apps built for enhancing your productivity and efficiency. Let us look at some of the best apps for productivity available on Google Chrome: 1. ...
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Facebook vs. Instagram: which one is better for your business growth?

Any company or organization interested in launching a successful business campaign will consider a host of social media websites and decide which one works best. Among the social media sites, the most popular ones are Facebook and Instagram. While one focusses on posts for information sharing, the other emphasizes on images, as an image is worth...
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Leasing Or Buying A Printer - Which Is The Better Option For You?

Printers and copiers make up an important component of most businesses, especially those that deal with content and graphic images on a regular basis. They are also inevitable for any organization that keeps physical records of all important documents. More than for a home user, for a business, there is a major decision to be made between buying...
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Brother HL-L2300D Mono Laser Printer Review: Durability and Light Weight

Among Brother’s new range of laser printers, the HL-L2300D is an affordable, compact and reliable printer. Priced at merely $118 in retail stores, it is a steal deal for those looking for cheap, double side laser prints. It is small and compact, measuring no bigger than 30 cm in width. Like all Brother printers, it features a simple black and gr...
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Top 10 Reasons Android Beats the iPhone

The kind of smartphone you own is a matter of choice. If you have the choice between buying an iPhone and an Android smartphone, you might wish to know the better choice of investment in terms of the features and advantages offered. The iPhones enjoy wide popularity despite their higher market prices due to the superior audio quality, amazing ha...
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How to tell the difference between a toner cartridge and drum unit

Laser printers have replaced inkjet printers across offices and also for home needs. The reason for its popularity is the better quality and higher speed. Any laser printer that you own has two important components responsible for the print quality: toner cartridge and drum unit. They are both essential for the smooth and efficient functioning o...
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Canon Pixma Endurance G2600: Fast and High Quality Printing at an Economical Price

The Canon Pixma series printers have been hailed for their ease of use and great print quality. Canon Pixma Endurance G2600 is a lightweight and sleek model that promises to carry forward the legacy. Easy to maintain and capable of printing large quantities without any compromise on print quality, this is a great option for casual home users as ...
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Setting up a Smart Home: Let Amazon Echo do the work for you

Have you purchased an Amazon Echo device for your home? Congratulations! You're all set to convert your abode into a smart home! Amazon Echo, with its inbuilt voice assistant Alexa at your disposal, makes it easy to ooze transformation everywhere around the house. Let’s find out how you can put Alexa to the best use for appliances and functions ...
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Canon Pixma TS9160: Vibrant Colour Printing In Your Own Home

The Pixma Home TS9160 is an affordable offering in the PIXMA series for achieving the best photo printing quality ever offered. Stylish in design and with a set of attractive features, this is a cost-effective device that packs a lot of bang for the buck with its expansive features and outstanding performance. Printer Features Easy Insta...
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9 Different Ways to Save Money and Extend the Life of Your Printer

A printer is a vital device to have in your house or office. These days, you don’t have to rush to the nearest library or photocopying center to get your documents or photos printed. This is the advantage of owning your own printer, given that printers are available with different features and many of them are well within the affordable price ra...
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