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Inkjet Printers vs. Laser Printers: A Comprehensive Comparison for Potential Buyers

Understanding the differences between inkjet and laser printers is crucial for potential buyers as it directly affects their printing experience, cost-efficiency, and productivity. By comprehensively comparing these two printer types, buyers can choose the right option based on their specific requirements, such as the volume and type of printing, b...
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Awesome google Chrome Extensions That Will boost your productivity and save time

Google Chrome is a haven of apps for entertainment, work, news, socializing – you name it’s there. Just like there are hundreds of apps to spend your time for leisure, there are also many useful apps built for enhancing your productivity and efficiency. Let us look at some of the best apps for productivity available on Google Chrome: 1. Rescu...
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Free Printable Model Railway Card Building Kits 2023: Create Stunning Sceneries for Your Model Railway

Most printers are used for mundane tasks such as printing reports and school assignments, or keeping hard copy versions of emailed invoices. Over the coming months we'll look at some ways of using your printer for hobby and craft projects. If you are a military or transport (trains, buses, trams, cars, trucks and so on) modeller, buildings and o...
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Printer Cartridge Expiry Dates: Do They Matter for Your Printing Needs?

Let's look at a familiar scenario; You're at the supermarket, buying juice. You hunt towards the back of the shelf and pick the bottles with the latest manufacturing date so they'll stay fresh longer. And at home, you'd insist your family members complete the bottle that expires first. While most of us look at the manufacturing and expiry dates ...
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The Pros and Cons of Google Pay 2023

The future is here. How we shop and pay for goods and services is undergoing massive changes, hastened by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether we are shopping online or shopping at physical businesses, cash is no longer the currency we need. And for those wanting to make their payment experience an easy one, using an option on their mobile ...
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Printer Offline? Fix It Now Before It Drives You Crazy

Printer offline? 😓 One of the most common problems with the home/office printer is when your printer and computer refuse to communicate and you get this printer offline message. And it almost always seems to happen when you need that document in a hurry. Here are 10 solutions most likely to solve that problem and get your printer working agai...
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The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using Apple Pay - Is It The Best Everyday Payment Solution For You To Be Using Everywhere Right Now?

With cashless transactions becoming the norm almost everywhere around the world, new payment options are emerging for consumers to choose from. Among the mobile wallet options, both Apple Pay and Google Pay are popular choices. They are easy to use and safer than carrying around credit cards. Apple Pay: a ready wallet for iPhone users Apple P...
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Canon SELPHY Square QX10 Review: Get Instant, Long-Lasting Prints

Canon’s SELPHY Square QX10 is a compact portable printer designed to be Canon’s smallest portable printer yet. It is the perfect addition to the backpack of any avid traveller/photographer or party-goer wanting to take snaps and print on the go. Priced in the mid-$200 range, this would be a really useful device for anyone printing out pictures r...
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Canon SELPHY CP1300 Review: The Polaroid Revival For A New Generation

Introduction Looking for a mobile printer that produces quality prints and yet will fit in your backpack? Who would have thought that you could print quality long-lasting photo prints on-the-go from a printer small enough to be held in a single hand. As someone who is both a keen photographer and works with printing supplies, I understand what p...
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Canon PIXMA G3660 MegaTank Printer Review - Fast and High Yield printing

Speed, quality printing, and cost-effectiveness are the Canon PIXMA G3660 MegaTank printer's main buying points. Ideal to fulfill printing needs at home and small office setups, the G3660 printer is compatible with most of the latest wireless and smart connectivity options. Physical Features The PIXMA G3660 MegaTank printer comes in a compact...
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