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Browse for desktop computers for home or business purposes from reputed brands like Dell, Lenovo, Acer and ASUS with the latest generation processors to ensure speed, efficiency and a range of features.

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We stock a range of desktop computers to choose from, like the Acer Veriton Z4 series that is designed to be an ideal all-in-one desktop PC for home or business use. The Veriton Z series is equipped with a powerful processor and components for lightning-fast speed and competitive performance as well as high level of security and data protection.

Apart from regular desktop PCs, we also stock tiny, mini and micro PCs for different needs and space constraints. The smaller PCs may not have the same powerful processors as regular PCs, but they are portable and are ideal for limited tasks like word processing, billing or other administrative tasks. However, modern compact PCs are often built to match the speed and versatility of regular PCs.

Mini PC bundle

Asus offers its mini PC bundle with a competitive processor, storage and features to let you be productive and enjoy entertainment at home or work and best of all, it can be accommodated in a small space. Despite its size, this ultra-compact PC can offer incredible processing speed and is capable of performing multiple tasks like a regular desktop.

Why choose desktops?

Today, there are many desktop computer models and laptops to choose from, but the main decision involves whether portability is important. If performance and durability are the priorities, a desktop computer can offer the best speed, features, lasting performance and other advantages, making it a versatile device. It also typically lasts longer than a laptop and is less likely to experience issues. With so many advantages, a desktop computer will be a useful addition to a home or office.

Shop for regular, mini, tiny and micro PCs at our online store and get the product shipped to your doorstep anywhere in Australia, including all major cities like Adelaide , Perth , Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne .

General FAQ

Are desktop computers better than laptops?

Generally, desktop computers are more durable, less prone to technical problems, offer better speed, customisation and versatility and on average last longer than laptops.

What is the difference between desktops and a PC’s?

The major difference between a desktop and PC is that while “desktop” is a term used to refer to all non-portable computers, the term “PC” is specifically used to refer to those desktop computers that run on Windows software. So, while all PCs are desktops, all desktop computers are not PCs.

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