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We stock a wide range of laptops, desktops, computer accessories like mice, keyboards, software, webcams, storage devices, mousepads and sprays/wipes to keep your computer clean.

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Desktops and monitors

Buy desktop computers and monitors at affordable prices from our store. A desktop computer is essential for homes as well as businesses and can be helpful for different tasks. We stock the best desktop devices built for great performance. Choose from brands like Acer, Dell, Lenovo and LG and browse for laptops in different price ranges. The laptops run on the most recent OS and equipped with powerful processors to enjoy lightning-fast connections and amazing performance for work or gaming.

Laptops and laptop accessories

Buy laptops in your budget range and from the best brands like LG, Lenovo, Acer and Dell. Choose the best device for your needs based on the processor power, brand, features, size and RAM. When you purchase a laptop from a reputed brand, you can enjoy the convenience and portability as well as solid performance and lasting, sturdy build to give you the best value for investment.

Mice, keyboards, storage devices and more

Get computer accessories like mice , mouse pads, keyboards , storage devices as well as sprays and wipes to maintain your equipment. Whether you need a computer for personal or business use and whether it is for an office or home use, you will find the right device and other equipment needed to set up and get started. We stock the best range of accessories from reputed brands so that you can enjoy reliable performance from the devices for years to come.

Computer software

Order software from our online store, including antivirus subscription, Microsoft Office packs and MS Office 365 subscriptions for family, business and personal use. Enjoy productivity with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other tools and make the most of MS Office package or subscription and stay on top of all your assignments, tasks and projects. Keep your computer secure and protected from cyberthreats with the best-in-class antivirus software.

Shop for a wide range of PCs, laptops and computer accessories at affordable prices from our online store and get them shipped to your doorstep anywhere in Australia, including Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.

General FAQ

What accessories should I buy for a new computer?

Some computer accessories that you will need for your new PC or laptop include some or all of these: antivirus and other software, keyboard, mouse, webcam, speakers, mousepad, cleaning spray/wipes, storage device, etc.

Is a PC better than a laptop?

Yes, a PC is often a better choice than a laptop for the following reasons: it is more durable and less susceptible to damage, on average it lasts longer than a laptop and is more versatile and customisable than laptops. With that said, laptops also have many advantageous features. Please choose one based on whether durability and performance is more important than portability and convenience.

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