Find the best headsets to use that are stylish and offer the best audio quality. The headsets come with attached microphones and work with most mobile phones and audio devices.


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Wired and wireless headsets

We stock a range of wired and wireless headsets to choose from. Choose stylish headset models or choose models with the noise cancellation feature for an immersive experience. Whether you want the right headset for work-from-home communication or entertainment purposes, you are sure to find the right brand and model for your purpose at our store.

Wired vs wireless headsets

Wired headsets include a cable that connects to a USB port on the device or PC. While this might be a limitation, it more than makes up for it with clear and latency-free audio. Wireless headsets connect via Bluetooth and offer unmatched convenience and portability though latency might be a problem.

Choosing the right headset

The most important things to keep in mind before investing in a headset is the comfort and features you want. If you prefer a wired headset, you can enjoy latency-free audio experience and excellent audio quality. Wireless headsets also offer good sound quality with the added convenience of listening on the go through bluetooth connectivity.

You can also choose a wireless headset that comes with its own charging stand for added convenience. Irrespective of whether you choose wired or wireless headsets, enjoy clear audio input and output, noise cancellation and so much more. When you order headsets from Ink Depot, we deliver it to your doorstep fast, anywhere in Australia, including all major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Customer Reviews for Headsets Purchase

Rebecca Thursday 07 September, 2023

Always super quick postage!

General FAQ

Is a wireless headset better than a wired one?

Both wired and wireless headsets have their set of advantages and disadvantages. If portability and listening/talking on the go is important, wireless headsets are better. Wired headsets offer high audio quality and no latency so that communication is smooth, clear and vivid.

Are headsets compatible with all devices?

Wired and wireless headsets are designed to work with the most recent editions of software and will not function well on outdated models. Please check the compatibility list for the interested model.

How do I connect a headset to my computer?

Wired headsets can be connected to the computer through the USB port at the front or back. To connect a wireless to a laptop, access “Settings” and click on “Add device” under Bluetooth & Devices. Since the exact steps vary with the brand, model and OS, please follow the instructions specified in the manual.

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