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What is the development unit made of?

The development unit is made up of thousands of small magnetic beads attached to a roller - a rotating cylinder made of metal. The beads carry an electric charge and attract the toner powder with opposite charge.

What does the development unit do?

The development unit plays an important role in getting the toner to the page. The development unit (also called a developer unit) attracts toner powder from the toner hopper. It then rotates and passes on the toner (that is coated on the beads) over to the drum unit, which has the electrostatic image written on it by the laser. The stronger charge on the photosensitive drum draws the toner away from the development unit and on to the image (to be printed).

Development units in a colour printer

Colour laser printers have four instead of one toner cartridges (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) and have separate developer drums for each toner cartridge. If you are buying a replacement developer unit for a colour unit, you need to usually buy and replace for the exact colour based on what the display screen error message mentions.

When is it time to change a developer unit?

Look out for these signs that might indicate that your printer’s developer unit needs to be replaced:

  • Error message on display screen asking for replacement of development unit (also called developing or developer unit).
  • Lighter prints, even after recently replacing a toner cartridge

Refer to your printer's instruction manual or check your brand and model number online for instructions as to how to replace your developer unit.

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General FAQ

What are the advantages of Epson EcoTank, Expression and WorkForce printers?

An Epson EcoTank printer is designed for businesses that print large volumes regularly and would like to print on for months before there is a need for ink bottle replacement. An Epson Expression printer is the right choice for homes and small businesses and is very compact and offers lots of useful features while Epson WorkForce and WorkForce Pro series models are great additions in medium and large businesses as they offer fast print speeds, multifunction capability and an intuitive user interface.

How are the different colour ink tanks replaced in Epson EcoTank printers?

Epson EcoTank printers could potentially print for years on a single ink tank. There are individual ink bottles for each colour, so you need to replace only the colour that is exhausted. This reduces wastage and proves to be cost-effective in terms of operation costs.

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