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Keyboard switches for assembling a keyboard

If you are planning to create a custom keyboard with keycaps and a keyboard base, you need to purchase keyboard switches to fix them. Mechanical keyboard switches are designed to fit on the board and the key and register each click when the key is pressed for a smooth typing experience.

Parts of a keyboard switch

A keyboard switch is a simple structure consisting of four major parts: upper housing (a stabiliser with buckle to protect movement), stem (the portion below the keycap that moves in response to pressing), metal contact (dynamic and static plates that completes circuit after pressing), coil spring (allows sliding back to original position) and the base housing (the portion where the switch connects to the keyboard base).

Types of keyboard switches

The main types of keyboard switches are: tactile, linear and clicky. The most commonly preferred keyboard switch format is the tactile type, which provides a comfortable typing experience without making too much noise. The other types of keyboard switches are: mechanical and electronic. Mechanical switches are activated by physical touch while electronic switches do not need touch activation.

Even the colour of the keyboard switches can provide information on its nature. For instance, red switches are linear, transparent and brown switches are tactile and blue switches are clicky.

We stock a range of tactile switches to choose from, available in packs of 35, with lightning fast reaction speeds. Order from our store and enjoy fast shipping to all locations, including all major cities like Adelaide , Perth , Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

General FAQ

What are keyboard switches?

A keyboard switch is the mechanism located under the keycaps on a mechanical keyboard to register all the clicks while typing.

What type of keyboard switches are available?

The commonly available keyboard switches are: tactile, linear and clicky. Keyboard switches are often colour-coded depending on its nature. Red switches are linear (quiet), transparent and brown switches are tactile (mix of linear and clicky with moderate level of noise) and blue/green switches are clicky and quite noisy, often used for gaming purposes.

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