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How to clean printer yourself: Simple and easy tips

Keeping your printer clean isn't merely a cosmetic issue. Avoiding a buildup of debris can help avoid problems. Outside How often you clean the outside of a printer largely depends on how dusty your environment is. Another consideration is that dust on a gloss black case is all too obvious, while it's almost invisible on a matte beige fi...
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Printer Review: Canon Pixma iP8760 colour inkjet printer

For many of us, A4 prints of our favourite photos seem large. But a well-executed shot taken on a decent camera can be enlarged to A3 size to great effect, and that's where Canon inkjet printers such as the Canon Pixma iP8760 come in. As indicated by the 'i" prefix in the model number, this is just a printer (ie, not a multifunction). The "...
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Printer Review: Canon PIXMA iP7260 colour inkjet printer

While multifunction printers (or all-in-ones) are understandably popular, there's still room for a "just a printer" such as the Canon PIXMA iP7260. Although the scanners incorporated in multifunctions have certain advantages, people are increasingly using their phones to capture physical documents. Applications such as Adobe Scan and Micros...
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Pick printer paper prudently (part two)

We looked at issues around everyday printer paper in part one, and this time we're turning to specialty media. When printing presentations and other important documents it often makes sense to choose 100gsm paper as it can give a better impression. We just priced a certain brand of 80gsm paper - one we know from experience gives good result...
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Pick printer paper prudently (part one)

The old Castrol TV ad proclaimed "oils ain't oils." Similarly, paper ain't paper. We'll start with ordinary A4 office papers, leaving the discussion of specialty papers to a subsequent post. Some homes and offices get through quite a lot of paper, especially when people are in the habit of producing multiple printed drafts of their pro...
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Printer Review: Brother MFC-J6930DW colour inkjet multifunction

Sometimes bigger really is better. Once upon a time, A3 printers were specialist items with price tags putting them beyond the reach of most small businesses, let alone households. So if a project called for large-format output, that normally meant a visit to the local copy shop. But that's no longer the case thanks to a new generation of pr...
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Genuine, Compatible or Remanufactured Cartridges - Which one is good for you?

The question is not about which one is good, but it’s about choosing the best one for your printing needs. Genuine Vs Compatible printer cartridges! This is an interesting topic of discussion. If you are relatively new to printers, inks and toners, this article will help you learn the basics and it will also help you make the right buyin...
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Here's what you need to check before investing in a new printer

We still do not live in a paperless environment! I'm sure you'd agree with this statement because even today, most departments at an office depend on printers to print important documents, legal contracts and more. Is it possible to run your office without a printer? The answer to this questions is likely 'NO'. Eventually, every office n...
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Ink and Toner cartridges expiry dates; should you pay attention?

Let's look at a familiar scenario; You're at the supermarket, buying juice. You hunt towards the back of the shelf and pick the bottles with the latest manufacturing date so they'll stay fresh longer. And at home, you'd insist your family members complete the bottle that expires first. While most of us look at the manufacturing and expiry da...
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Decoding the error codes of your HP laser printer

Do you own an HP laser printer and your HP toner cartridges are intact? And here's what it means if your printer shows error codes. Understand the common fuser error codes and know the easy ways to fix them. Fuser Errors Laser printers take not more than a few seconds to print amazing printouts. When the print command is given, the paper...
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