Toshiba Australia

Tosiha was started many centuries ago when two businesses merged. These businesses were founded by two of Japan's most brilliant minds, Hisashige Tanaka who was renowned for his inventions from a young age and Ichisuke Fujioka who was known as 'the father of electricity' in Japan and later earned the nickname 'the Thomas Edison of Japan'.

Toshiba was officially born in 1939 when, following the deaths of Tanaka and Fujioka, their legacies Shibaura Engineering Works and Tokyo Electric were merged to form Toshiba.

For the last 135 years Toshiba has been driven to develop ground-breaking technology that would be of benefit to the world. In the 1930's they developed the first electric washing machines and refridgerators in Japan. In later years they were responsible for the world's first colour video phone, x-ray tubes, the double-coil light bulb, notebook computers and many more products.

Toshiba ploughs back its profits into research and development ensuring that they manufacture awarded and innovative technologies each and every year. In the last 30 years Tosihba has accumulated over 27,000 patents for their technological developments. 


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