Dell Australia

Dell was started in 1984 with a vision and US$1,000 by 19 year old pre-med freshman Michael Dell.  The business was known as PC's Limited and by the end of his freshman year he had decided to devote all of his time to his growing business.

In 1985 Dell designed and built the Turbo PC which had an Intel 8088 processor running at 8MHz, A 10MB hard drive and a 5.25" floppy drive.  They offered customers a great experience with easy returns and in-home assistance, one of the first companies to offer such a service.

In 1986 Dell launced the technology industries fastest performing PC and the following year opened international offices in the UK.  The company grew very quickly 80% growth annually in the first 4 years. In 1989 Dell ventured into the mobile computing revolution developing their first laptop computers, the 316LT.

In the 1990's Dell made huge advances in desktop computers, server lines, Lithium-ion batteries and became one of the top five computer system makers worldwide.  They expanded their operations globally.  Dell set its sights on conquering the e-commerce market.  By the end of the 1990's Dell was ranked the No. 1 in PCs in the U.S., No. 1 worldwide for PCs for large and medium businesses and No. 1 in worldwode workstation shipments.  They also introduced eSupport, that provided technical support via the internet.

In 2003 Dell expanded its product base with Dell-branded printers.  They wanted to become a single source for electronic consumers.  Since then Dell has continued its growth with acquisitions and further developments in PC technology and touch-screen devices for consumers.  They have continued to win awards for innovation in cloud management software and are still a worldwide leader in PC and PC monitor shipments worldwide.




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