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Find budget-friendly toner cartridges for your Canon laser printers at Ink Depot. Benefit from the cost-effective range of genuine Canon toner cartridges at Australia’s most preferred online store for printers and printing products.

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Canon CART039 Black (Genuine)

$231.32 $238.47 In Stock

Canon CART040C Cyan (Genuine)

$261.16 $269.24 In Stock

Canon CART046BK Black (Genuine)

$115.25 $118.81 In Stock

Canon CART046C Cyan (Genuine)

$156.70 $161.55 In Stock

Canon CART046M Magenta (Genuine)

$156.70 $161.55 In Stock

Canon CART046Y Yellow (Genuine)

$156.70 $161.55 In Stock

Canon CART052 Black (Genuine)

$178.26 $183.77 In Stock

Canon CART055 Black (Genuine)

$123.54 $127.36 In Stock

Canon CART055 Cyan (Genuine)

$148.40 $152.99 In Stock

Canon CART055 Magenta (Genuine)

$148.40 $152.99 In Stock

Canon CART055 Yellow (Genuine)

$148.40 $152.99 In Stock

Canon CART057 Black (Genuine)

$156.70 $161.55 In Stock

Canon CART069C Cyan (Genuine)

$148.40 $152.99 In Stock

Canon CART069M Magenta (Genuine)

$148.40 $152.99 In Stock

Canon CART303 Black (Genuine)

$103.63 $106.84 In Stock

Canon CART309 Black (Genuine)

$339.36 $349.86 In Stock

Canon CART312 Black (Genuine)

$98.66 $101.71 In Stock

Save on Canon Compatible Toner Cartridges

10 Pack Compatible Canon CART055H Bundle

$1,325.68 $1,410.26 Out Of Stock

2 Pack Compatible Canon CART056 Bundle

$149.54 $152.59 Out Of Stock

2 Pack Compatible Canon CART057 Bundle

$164.26 $167.61 In Stock

2 Pack Compatible Canon EP-22 Bundle

$75.24 $79.20 Out Of Stock

2 Pack Compatible Canon FX9 Bundle

$43.16 $45.43 In Stock

5 Pack Compatible Canon GPR-23 Bundle

$321.62 $328.19 In Stock

10 Pack Compatible Canon GPR-23 Bundle

$636.68 $656.37 Out Of Stock

5 Pack Compatible Canon GPR-51 Bundle

$386.01 $393.89 Out Of Stock

Best Selling Canon Genuine and Compatible Toner Cartridges

Canon CART312 Black (Genuine)

$98.66 $101.71 In Stock

2 Pack Canon CART337 Genuine Bundle

$258.38 $271.81 In Stock

Canon CART055 Yellow (Genuine)

$148.40 $152.99 In Stock

4 Pack Canon CART055 Genuine Bundle

$557.36 $586.33 In Stock

4 Pack Canon CART055H Genuine Bundle

$1,085.53 $1,141.93 In Stock

5 Pack Compatible Canon GPR-55 Bundle

$843.81 $861.03 In Stock

Canon CART055 Cyan (Genuine)

$148.40 $152.99 In Stock

Get genuine Canon toner cartridges from Ink Depot

Laser printers have usually been the printer of choice for larger offices and businesses. However, with more people working from home for extended periods, people who have to print a lot are finding laser printers a great option which can be more economical for their home office in the long run. And if you have a laser printer, you will need to purchase toner for your printer.

Canon laser printers use toners for printing, which are a powdered pigment made of polymers, organic compounds and a variety of minerals. Toner cartridges offer fine quality, precise printing and will not dry out in the long run. Buy from our extensive range of Canon toner cartridges to maximise your printer’s potential for printing high quality text, images and graphics.

A few suggestions to reduce your printing costs

Canon highly recommends using their genuine toner cartridges for the best performance of your Canon printer. Go for high yield genuine Canon toner cartridges which have more toner quantity in them as they will allow you to print more for less cost. Another way to save on printing costs is to order your Canon toners in bundle packs.

Of course whatever type of printer you have you can save money by making sure you only print what you need. Configure your Canon laser printer to print on both sides, or format your printing to print two pages on a single page, or print at a lower format such as draft or in black and white only.

At Ink Depot we also stock quality compatible Canon toner cartridges for those customers whose printing requirements and available budget require a cheaper option. Ink Depot only stocks compatible toner cartridges for Canon printers that meet relevant ISO standards sourced from reputable suppliers.

Buy from Australia’s best online printer shop

Navigating, finding and ordering your Canon toner only takes a few simple clicks. We deliver to all parts of Australia in the quickest possible time as we ship orders from our depots located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

All orders above $99 are shipped for free.

Explore our latest blog to know about the Canon Toner Cartridge expiration dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the shelf life of Canon toner cartridges?

Canon printer cartridges, both ink and toner, have a minimum shelf life of 2 years from date of manufacture, but in many cases will last much longer. It is recommended to use the cartridge within 6 months from the date of installation into the printer.

2. Which factors determine how many pages a Canon toner cartridge can print?

While Canon mentions the yield of a toner cartridge, it can vary due to a few factors: printing environment, black-and-white versus colour printing, paper printing ratio, paper size and also the type or frequency of printing.

3. How does Canon guarantee smudge-free, clear prints every time?

Genuine Canon toner powder particles are designed in such a way that they do not stick to the photosensitive drum. As a result, there is no accumulation of toner particles in the drum or fixing roller, resulting in clear prints free of smears or lines.

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