Warranty and Compatible Cartridges

Will using a compatible ink cartridge void the warranty on my printer?

The price difference between compatible and genuine ink cartridges can be vast. We all want to save money so why don’t we go for the cheaper option?  The answer is down to a common belief.  A belief that using compatible cartridges will void the warranty on the printer.

One of the most common questions customers ask is “will using compatible ink cartridges in my printer void my warranty?”.  We have looked into whether or not using compatible cartridges in your printer will void the manufacturer’s warranty.  The results should reassure you.

Under Australian law, consumers are protected by a number of statutory guarantees. These are set out by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. It is illegal for a printer manufacturer to require you, as the consumer, to use a particular brand of cartridge or paper in your printer. Printer manufacturers can only “strongly recommend” or “educate customers of the benefits of using genuine ink cartridges”.

It is always essential to make sure you buy the right cartridge for your printer.  It is recommended that you search for your brand and type of printer.  The Ink Depot online store will only show you products that are compatible with your type of printer. Our search tool is easy to use. If the cartridge you are usinWarrantyg is seen as “being fit for the appropriate purpose” it cannot void your warranty.

If a fault was to occur with your printer the manufacturer would have to prove that the cartridge was the cause of the problem. They would have to prove that the printer fault was not related to the quality of their product. It is extremely rare for a third party cartridge to damage a printer.

Printer manufacturer’s often sell their printers at, or below, cost price.  This means they will often recoup the production costs on items such as the ink cartridges.  This is why they strongly recommend using their genuine products. Basically buying cheap printers can leave you needing expensive replacement cartridges. The fear of losing your warranty is a strong pull.

Ink Depot works hard to protect its customers.  Ink Depot only supplies compatible ink and toner cartridges from Australia’s largest and most reputable importers.  All products sold at the Ink Depot online store meet the ISO9001 standards.


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