Genuine vs compatible ink cartridges – what difference does it make?

So the age old debate of ‘genuine vs compatible ink cartridges’ is still going strong!  There are so many printers on the market today.  The list of features for your printer grows longer every year.  The need for high quality printing is one constant that will never change though.

Whether you are printing for business purposes, happy snaps, craft or school work you will want a reliable and quality print outcome.  There are two choices when it comes to selecting the type of printer cartridge – genuine vs compatible ink cartridges.  Both types of cartridge are useful and have their benefits.

Compatible Ink Cartridges

Compatible cartridges are usually much cheaper.  They are generic so they have a ‘no name’ brand.  The low price is one of the most appealing qualities of these ink cartridges.  It makes printing more affordable to many users.  Compatible cartridges are of high quality and are designed to work as well as original brand manufacturer cartridges.  Having said that, even quality compatibles are not fault free.  Sometimes, a compatible will not work with a specific printer because of a micro chip incompatibility.  Even more rarely, a quality compatible cartridge can give less than satisfactory printing results.

Unfortunately however, there are compatibles produced in some countries where the quality may not be up to standard.   Ink Depot avoids selling these types of products by using the largest importers of compatibles in Australia.   Ink Depot uses two main brands namely Printrite and Q-Image.  Printrite is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of compatible cartridges.

To ensure our customers are protected in these instances, we offer a full warranty against defective cartridges.  You can choose to have your cartridge replaced free of charge, or have your money refunded.  Despite popular belief, use of these cartridges will not void the warranty on your printer.

Genuine CartridgesGenuine vs Compatible Ink Cartridges - CLI-8

Genuine, brand name, cartridges are provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).  They usually sell at a premium price.  Genuine cartridges are popular with many of our customers.   These cartridges have all of the benefits of normal branded products but often cost a lot more.

Some of our customers prefer the peace of mind of using a known brand.  Ink Depot sells all of the major ink cartridge brands including HP, Epson, Canon and Brother.  To ensure we provide value for money to our customers we strive to offer ‘Higher Standards at Lower Prices’.   Being an on-line store our everyday prices are very competitive.  From time to time we have some great price specials on genuine cartridges.  Check out our current specials for yourself.

So what is your choice for the genuine vs compatible ink cartridges debate?