Ever wondered why you need to replace more than just the cartridges in your laser printer? It’s time to familiarise yourself with consumables beyond the cartridges.

The one constant that everyone is aware of when purchasing a new printer is the need to replace cartridges when they run empty. For most inkjet printers, the cartridges may be the only thing you’ll ever need to replace. However, there can be a lot of extra costs to factor in when purchasing a laser printer as they often require other consumables to be replaced during its lifespan.

Below you will find a list of items that could potentially require replacement in a laser printer. This list will give a brief explanation of what these different parts do in the printer.

Drum Unit (also known as Imaging Unit, Photoconductor Unit)

This is the most commonly reFamiliarise yourself with consumablesplaceable consumable on the list. The drum unit transfers the toner powder into an image onto the drum, which is then transferred toward the paper. Most laser printers will require the drum unit to be replaced at some point as they wear down over time.

Waste Cartridge

This may also be referred to as a ‘bottle’ or ‘container’. This is used to capture any excess toner particles which are leftover from the print job. How often this needs to be replaced will be dependent on how much printing is done and the current lifespan of the drum unit.

Belt Transfer Unit

The belt transfer unit will collect the toner powder particles from the drum unit and will transfer this to another roller before being applied to the paper. Some brands will ask this to be replaced after a certain amount of prints while other brands expect the belt unit to last over the course of the printers lifespan.

Fuser Unit

These are heated rollers within the
printer that essentially melt the toner into the fibres of the paper. Much like the belt transfer unit, only some brands of laser printers will require this item to be replaced later on while some other brand will only require it to be replaced under special circumstances.

We hope this has helped you in understanding these lesser known consumables. If you are purchasing a printer or any of these consumables and would like assistance, please contact our friendly customer service team on 1300 246 116.