Have you heard of 3D printing?  Wondering what the benefits of 3D printing at home are?

3D printing has been used for several years now.  The first 3D printer was created in 1984 by Chuck Hall of 3D Systems Corporation.  Today, 3D printers are developing fast so we have had a look at the benefits of 3D printing at home.  Our starting point was 3D Printing Systems, Australia’s leading provider of the world’s most affordable ready to print desktop 3D printer.

3D Printing Systems says that a ‘3D printer will enable you to unleash your inner creative self’. Perfect!  They also go on to say that you can make all manner of things with your 3D printer from designing and making custom toys to making your own phone cases, bracelets and earings!  This is great news.  No more lost pieces of games.  No more hunting around for spare parts.  Think of the savings you could make in the home?  As long as you don’t mind plastic that is.  All of your 3D printing uses tough ABS plastic which is the same plastic that Lego is made of. Don’t worry the ABS plastic does come in an array of colours.

3D Printing Systems recommends a website called www.thingiverse.com.  We went to have  a look.  You can really see the benefits of 3D printing at home when you look at the work that is being shared.  Thingiverse is an active community of creative minds.   They share pictures of their highly usable creations.  Not only this but they share downloadable instructions on how to make their creations too.  The collection of printables is truly uh-amazing!

Sold!  We can see the benefits of 3D printing at home.  Now where do I get a 3D printer and how much do they cost?

Whilst excitement for the 3D printer market builds companies such as Microsoft are busy partnering with manufacturers to corner the market. This will help to lower the cost of 3D printers in time.  Audrey Bloomfield wrote a very interesting article about this very issue.  Her article indicates that by 2016 (according to a report by Gartner) 3D printers will cost less than US$2000.   Audrey goes on to say that whilst this is still too expensive for most people the situation is already changing with Staples Stores in America selling the Cube 3D printers in amazing colours for US$1299.99.

3D printing at home - 3D Printing Systems

In Australia there are several companies that already sell 3D printers.   A quick google search found the UP Mini 3D Printer by 3D Printing Systems which is available for AU$1095.00 plus GST.  With the rolls of ABS plastic costing $59 in various colours.

There are a range of 3D printers from other suppliers available if you look.

So keep an eye on the 3D printer market.  In the next couple of years it could become cheap enough to become a useful member of your household creating all the jewellery, parts and missing toys you need.  You will be reaping the benefits of 3D printing at home!