Ricoh Australia

The core values of Ricoh are to harmonize with the environment, simplify your llife and work and support knowledge management. This is supported by their main goal of assisting customers in printing documents in an environmentally friendly manner, ensuring less waste and less pollution.

Ricoh was established in 1936. Ricoh has always looked to make improvements for future generations and to protect the environment into the future through their large role in promoting social responsibility. In 1950 Ricoh created Japan's first mass production structure for cameras, increasing their popularity in the market place. In 1955, the company made the move to manufacturing business machines with the launch of the first office copier which used diazo sensitized paper for industrial use, the Ricopy 101.

In 1974 Ricoh launched their first high speed facisimile machine for offices. Moving to computers, word processors, optical filing systems and laser printers in the 1980s. 1987 saw Ricoh launch the multifunction digital copier for the office, the IMAGIO 320. In 2000 Ricoh developed its overseas operations by acquiring Danka Business Systems PLC and IKON office solutions Inc. 

Ricoh today, has developed a range of products that aim to improve productivity through digital multifunction and standalone printers and office imaging equipment. Ricoh also manufactures industrial products for thermal media as well optical equipment, electrical components, digital cameras and measuring equipment. Commercial, corporate and large production printing has been a developing market for Ricoh. They now provide services to copy centres, printer shops and commercial printers, offering lower overall costs, short lead times and workflow improvements for the businesses.




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