Oki Australia

Oki started life as Meikosha Ltd in a rented office block in the centre of Tokyo. Its founder was Kibataro Oki, a silversmith by trade but passionate and driven by innovation and a strong belief that the communication age was just around the corner.

Meikosha was the first successful telecommunications manufacturer in Japan, which following his death allowed future leaders of the company to drive the march towards being one of the leading providers of communication devices and information processing across the globe.

In the 1960's Oki developed its first electronic general purpose computer for the domestic market and its first electronic teletypewriter, and first Serial Impact Dot Matrix printer in a bid to reinforce its presence in the electronics markets. 

In the 1970s Oki's main overseas business was providing telecommunication systems to countries in central and south America and the Middle East. The 70s also saw the development of thermal-type printers and facsimile machines for small and medium businesses.

In the 1980's, 100 years since the company was founded, Oki was entering the mobile communications market and worked with Bell Laboratories, to develop products for North America. 

 In the 1990's Oki used its own LED technology to give their printers the leading edge. This resulted in Oki becoming the largest producer in the world for LED chips which transformed the capabilities of colour printers. Following the aquisition of the data business arm of Technitron Corporation, Oki was able to expand its presence into the European markets, its largest success to date.

From 2000 to today, Oki has developed an impressive array of products to the market from digital colour printers to impressive multifunctional devices aimed at maximising productivity, communication flows and the space needed for printing, scanning, copying and faxing.

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