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Shop for Oki multifunction printers that offer great value for a busy workplace. We stock a range of prints to suit different budgets and printing requirements.

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Advantage of multifunction printers

Oki is a leading printer brand that specialises in multifunction printers in different sizes and with unique features. Expect reliable performance, efficient operation, easy interface and the best quality prints every time with an Oki multifunction printer. With multifunction printers, you can handle printing, scanning, copying and faxing from the one printer and save space to get the best value for your investment. Oki’s all-in-one printers are designed to last for years with minimal maintenance and offer the same speed and efficiency of laser printers.

Outstanding features for an efficient workspace

Oki multifunction printers are equipped with a range of features to handle different printing volumes and needs depending on the business. Its pioneering LED technology makes it different from laser printers but offers reliable performance for a busy office. The sturdy build and innovative design ensures consistent printing performance and smooth and seamless operation irrespective of the printing demands on a daily basis. With wireless connectivity, duplex printing, large tray capacity and other features, you can get the most out of your Oki printer.

Cost-effective and hassle-free operation

Oki printers are designed to offer fast printing and efficient operation and can produce high-quality prints at fast speed to improve productivity with less time for your large volume printing jobs. When you choose Oki printers with an automatic duplex printing function, you can get your double-sided printing done easily, saving time and using less paper to get the job done as you enjoy the efficiency you would get from laser printers.

We stock Oki multifunction printers in different price ranges and with features built-in for maximum productivity. Order from Ink Depot and get your printer delivered to your doorstep fast anywhere in Australia.

General FAQ

Oki multifunction printers offer print, scan, fax and copy functions in one device apart from other features like wireless connectivity, duplex printing and more, depending on the printer models.
Oki printers are designed to last for years and offer solid performance with standard maintenance. Replace toners promptly and use maintenance kits as indicated to ensure the printer’s longevity.
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