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Order an OKI LED colour printer and enjoy the unmatched efficiency and innovative technology. Opt for multifunction models for a productive workplace.

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If you are looking for an advanced colour printer that offers speed, efficiency and print results even better than a laser printer, then you will find that the OKI LED colour printer is the best choice.

OKI’s LED technology

OKI’s innovative LED technology is different from laser printer technology. Unlike a laser printer, it does not use a laser beam to track back and forth across a photosensitive drum. Instead, it uses a digital LED array along with microfine HD toner powder to flash across the entire line of content at once. The resulting colour prints are brighter and sharper, ideal for professional-quality photos.

Single pass colour printing

Most traditional laser printers will print each of the 4 colours (black, cyan, yellow, magenta) four individual times in one pass each on the individual drums. However, OKI’s LED colour printers work differently. The printer captures and writes the data corresponding to all four colour drums in one pass. This single pass technology has its advantages: it saves time, saves energy, ensures better toner delivery across the media and improves productivity while handling large print volumes.

The double advantage of multifunctionality and impressive prints

OKI’s range of powerful colour printers deliver professional quality, consistent prints that are similar to those from laser printers. High quality prints are important for the growth of your business and to attract customers with stunning marketing materials. Earlier, if you had to outsource your printing materials, you can now start printing them in-house by investing in an OKI LED colour printer.

For a busy workplace, an OKI LED multifunction colour printer will meet all the printing needs while also offering the convenience of copying, printing, faxing and scanning in one device. Print colourful materials and enjoy the convenience and efficiency offered by OKI LED printer.

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General FAQ

The difference in quality between a laser printer and LED printer is subtle and a laser printer’s output can be slightly different because, in a laser printer, all the pixels get illuminated equally by a single light source while LED printers have thousands of LEDs illuminating the pixels and there can be variation in the light output, which in turn, can cause a slight variation in the output.
1200 x 1200 dpi is the best resolution offered by current OKI LED colour printers. Due to manufacturing difficulties involved in producing LEDs small enough to offer better resolution, higher print resolution can be challenging.
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