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Discover a wide range of office products designed to enhance productivity, safety, and convenience in your workplace at affordable prices. We are the one-stop destination for your complete office supplies needs.

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We stock a selection of items you need to create a comfortable and efficient office environment, like weighing scales, masks and forehead thermometers, privacy monitor screen filters, tape rolls, hearing protectors, safety eyewear, fastener strips, household supplies, greeting cards and gift wraps, document holders, and notebook risers.

Document holders and notebook risers

Improve ergonomics and reduce strain with our document holders, notebook risers and adjustable monitor stands. These accessories help position your documents or laptop at an optimal viewing angle, promoting better posture and productivity.

Greeting cards and gift wraps

Celebrate special occasions and express appreciation with attractive greeting cards and gift wraps in unique art styles by different Australian artists. Find the perfect card or wrapping paper to make your gifts more personal and memorable.

Household supplies

Find a variety of essential household supplies to keep your office clean and functional. From scourer sponges to cleaner sprays, we offer a range of products that simplify your office maintenance tasks. 

Industrial supplies

Safeguard your hearing with our comfortable and effective hearing protectors. Ideal for loud office/factory environments or industrial settings, our hearing protectors help reduce noise levels, allowing you to focus and concentrate without distractions. Protect eyes from potential hazards with our safety eyewear. Whether you work in a construction site, laboratory or any environment that requires eye protection, our safety glasses provide both comfort and reliable eye safety.

Tape rolls

From packaging to crafting, our tape rolls provide reliable adhesion for a variety of applications. Choose from a range of widths and adhesive strengths to secure boxes, envelopes, or materials for shipping or organising purposes.

Privacy monitor screen filters

Protect sensitive information and maintain privacy with our privacy monitor screen filters. These specialised filters limit the viewing angle, making it difficult for others to see your screen content from side angles, ensuring confidentiality in shared office spaces or public environments.

Masks and forehead thermometers

Prioritise safety and well-being of your workforce with our selection of masks and forehead thermometers. Ensure a healthy workplace environment by providing your employees with high-quality masks and non-contact thermometers for quick and accurate temperature checks.

Weighing scales

Keep your mailing, shipping, or recipe measurements accurate with our reliable weighing scales. Whether you need a compact digital scale for your desk or a heavy-duty platform scale for your warehouse, our collection offers precision and durability to meet your needs. Measure items up to 25 kilograms by choosing suitable scales.

At Ink Depot, we are committed to providing you with top-quality office supplies that enhance efficiency, safety, and aesthetics in your workplace. We carefully select our products to ensure they meet the highest standards of performance and durability.

We take pride in being the top office supply store in Australia and prioritise exceptional customer service and satisfaction. Explore our extensive range of office products today and transform your office into a well-equipped, organised and inspiring space.

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