Lexmark Australia

Lexmark is a famous United States based company that produces a wide range of printing and imaging products. The company was formed back in 1991 in Lexington, Kentucky, U.S., and its headquarters remain there to this day. Although it’s one of the youngest companies in the printing space, it is also one of the most popular brands in this field. Not only are they manufacturing their own printers and printing equipment, but the company also makes a lot of printer parts for other major companies, like Dell for example. With over 13,000 employees located in more than 170 countries and nearly $4 billion in revenue in 2012, the future looks bright for Epson.

The company offers inkjet and laser printers as well as many printing related accessories. They offer both monochrome and colour printers for home and office use. Some models have copying and faxing capabilities as well. Lexmark was among the first companies in the printing sector to release a line of Wi-Fi enabled inkjet printers. They also have a special line of laser printers with software made specifically for professional printing environments. Lexmark tries to cater to all kinds of users with its wide selection of printers, from simple home users to large companies.

Lexmark is a globally renowned company for its high quality printers and accessories. Their printers offer great combination of quality hardware and well-implemented software, which results in a great user experience. Their corporate vision is acquiring “customers for life,” and by creating great quality products that are well above the market standards, and by offering a good customer service, they successfully follow the company’s philosophy. 

Once you become an owner of a Lexmark printer, the next step should be finding Lexmark ink cartridges and Lexmark toner cartridges that are both reliable and affordable. As one of the Australia’s cheapest Lexmark printer ink providers, Ink Depot is guaranteed to find and deliver genuine and high quality Lexmark printer cartridges that fit your printer model perfectly. 

Shopping in our online store couldn’t be easier, and we offer a 90-day money back guarantee for every order. Since we want you to save as much money as possible we offer FREE shipping when your purchase exceeds $99. Our deliveries are very fast and secure, due to strategically placed warehouses in five cities - Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. You can expect your order to be delivered in one or two business days.

The best tip we can give you when it comes to Lexmark printer cartridges, or any cartridges for that matter, is that you can never have too many. It can be a major inconvenience to run out of ink during an important print run. This is why it’s always better to have some extra Lexmark printer ink laying around, than not having it when you need it the most.

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