Order a wide selection of label printers, label tapes, and specialty labels from renowned brands like Dymo, Brother, and Epson. We offer the perfect solution to elevate efficiency to new heights.

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Why labelling is indispensable at work

Labelling is the secret weapon to conquer clutter, boost productivity, and bring order to any workspace. Labels come in different colours, sizes and types to use for a variety of purposes, from marking files and folders to labelling equipment. With a labeller and label tapes, you can improve your work efficiency with incredible ease. By investing in branded products, you can expect durability and long-lasting performance.

Labelers from different brands

With intuitive interfaces and a multitude of features, these devices empower you to design and print customised labels effortlessly.

Dymo label printers: Dymo has established itself as a leader in labeler technology, providing reliable and user-friendly devices for all your labelling needs. From handheld labelers for on-the-go convenience to desktop labelers for high-volume tasks, Dymo offers a solution for every workspace.

Brother labellers: Brother label printers are renowned for their versatility and durability. Equipped with advanced functionality and a variety of font styles, sizes, and symbols, Brother labelers give you the freedom to create labels that reflect your unique organisational style.

Epson label printers: Epson brings their precision and expertise to the world of labelers, ensuring exceptional print quality and accuracy. With innovative features like wireless connectivity and compatibility with mobile devices, Epson labellers offer a seamless labelling experience.

Additionally, we also stock labellers from brands like Avery and Scotch so that you can choose the right label printer for your complete office supplies requirements.

Label tapes in many colours and types

At Ink Depot, you can find an extensive selection of label tapes in different sizes, colours, and materials label tapes ensure you have the perfect match for any labelling project. Shop from our office supply store for standard black-on-white tapes to specialty tapes for unique applications. You can find the perfect one you need and create professional-looking labels to use on files, folders, shelves, industrial equipment and more.

Sometimes, standard labels will not be sufficient. That is why we include a diverse range of specialty labels, ranging from heat-shrink labels for wire and cable identification to iron-on fabric labels for clothing and freezer-safe labels for storage in low-temperature environments. These specialty labels will take care of all the unique labelling solutions you need.

Shop for labellers, label tapes, and specialty labels from Dymo, Brother, Epson, and more at Ink Depot. We offer labelling products and other office products at unmatched discounted prices and ship fast to all locations in Australia, including Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.

General FAQ

Generally, label tapes are designed to be used with specific label printer brands and models, unless specified otherwise. While some label tapes may work with models not included in the specifications, the best practice is to use tapes compatible with a labeller for optimal performance.
The different types of labellers available based on size include: handheld and desktop labeller models. Additionally, you can also find speciality labellers, industrial labellers and all-in-one label printers for advanced labelling needs.
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