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Browse through our range of handheld and desktop label printers in many colours with different features. We also stock the roll tapes to use with them from reputed brands such as Brother and Dymo.

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Brother PT-D210 Labeller

$52.54 $55.31 In Stock

Brother PT-D460BT Labeller

$129.14 $135.94 In Stock

Brother PT-D610BT Labeller

$152.50 $160.53 In Stock

Brother PT-E110VP Labeller

$77.51 $81.59 In Stock

Brother PT-E300VP Labeller

$170.18 $179.13 In Stock

Brother PT-E550WVP Labeller

$229.16 $241.23 In Stock

Brother PT-H105 Labeller

$41.92 $44.12 In Stock

Brother PT-P300BT Labeller

$68.78 $72.40 In Stock

Brother PT-P700 Labeller

$119.94 $126.26 In Stock

Brother PT-P710BT Labeller

$124.23 $130.77 In Stock

Brother PT-P750W Labeller

$172.46 $181.53 In Stock

Brother PT-P900W Labeller

$474.60 $499.58 In Stock

Brother PT-P910BT Labeller

$434.10 $456.95 In Stock

Brother PT-P950NW Labeller

$613.52 $645.81 In Stock

Brother QL-1100 (Genuine)

$347.26 $365.53 In Stock

Brother QL-1110NWB (Genuine)

$508.02 $534.76 In Stock

Brother QL-700 Labeller

$84.40 $88.85 In Stock

Brother QL-800 Labeller

$124.23 $130.77 In Stock

Brother QL-810W Labeller

$196.80 $207.16 In Stock

Brother QL-820NWB Labeller

$276.63 $291.18 In Stock

Brother VC-500W Labeller

$259.67 $273.33 In Stock

DYMO LabelManager 280P Labeller

$97.59 $102.73 In Stock

DYMO LabelManager 360D Labeller

$151.17 $159.14 In Stock

DYMO LabelManager 420P Labeller

$189.97 $199.97 In Stock

DYMO LabelWriter 450 Duo Labeller

$217.92 $229.38 In Stock

DYMO LabelWriter 550 Labeller

$122.49 $128.94 In Stock

DYMO LabelWriter 5XL Labeller

$278.20 $292.84 In Stock

DYMO LetraTag 100T Labeller

$58.80 $61.90 In Stock

DYMO LetraTag 200B Labeller

$47.80 $50.31 In Stock

DYMO Organizer Xpress Labeller

$15.47 $16.28 In Stock

DYMO Rhino 4200 Labeller

$148.53 $156.35 In Stock

What is a label printer?

A label printer, labeller or a label sticker printer is a device with an in-built keyboard and display that is used for printing out self-adhesive labels for products and cables. These labellers are equipped with special feed mechanisms to take in rolled sheets made of paper or special synthetic plastic polymer material.

Types of label printers

Handheld labellers: Handheld or personal labellers are ideal for small business and home office use. Advantages of a handheld label printer includes low cost, ease of use and portability with cartridges and paper rolls integrated inside the device. These label makers are commonly used in supermarkets and retail stores.

Desktop label printers: Designed for heavy duty label printing cycles, these label printers are equipped with larger rolls of paper for medium to large volume printing.

Thermal printing mechanism

Most label printers work on the mechanism of thermal printing. Thermal label printers operate by using heat to print on the surface of heat-sensitive, chemically treated paper specially designed to be used with them. As a result, these labels can get affected by heat, even the heat from human hands are capable of causing smudges. They are generally used for creating short-term labels, though some papers are designed to be resistant to water, heat and chemicals. Order a cheap label printer today and enjoy years of hassle-free operation.

Label printer applications

Label printers are commonly used in retail price marking, supply chain management and for marking specimens in medical laboratories. As the name implies, you can use label printers for creating a variety of labels with clearly printed details of price, product ID, QR or barcode. Label makers are very easy to use even for those who are non tech-savvy. We stock a range of cheap printers to choose from and offer the best discounted prices on all models.

Popular label makers

Brother QL series: The QL series Brother label printers are ideal for small volume, short-term labels. They are suitable for a variety of applications like designing address labels, visitor badges and office file management purposes. Not only are they easy to set up and use, but they also include a variety of label rolls and different functions.

Brother PT (P-Touch) series: Brother P Touch label makers are designed to offer sleek design combined with efficiency. Choose a cheap label printer from the P Touch series, which includes compact desktop models and ergonomic handheld devices. All these labellers use Brother’s Tze tapes which are designed to print out labels that do not fade for years. The handheld devices are lightweight and perfect to carry around and work on batteries as well as power adapters for certain models.

Dymo LabelWriter series: Dymo is a leading manufacturer of labellers. Dymo label printers in the LabelWriter series are designed to be durable and offer high quality prints every time. Each sticker label printer can print out 2 million inches of thermal labels (or 500,000 standard address labels).

At Ink Depot, you can browse through the selection of cheap label printers and choose the best model to suit your requirements. Order cheap printers and tapes from reputed brands like Brother and Dymo and get them delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Australia.

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General FAQ

The major things to keep in mind before getting a labeller are: brand, internal memory, display type, need for portability, speed, mobile printing facility, automatic label cutting option, desired label sizes and compatibility with enterprise software.
Brother P Touch CUBE is an easy-to-use, sleek label and ribbon printer to use at home. With a Bluetooth connection, the Design&Print app on your smartphone and the battery charged up, one can create beautiful customised labels and ribbons to use around the kitchen or tool shed.
Thermal label printers do not use ink and hence are cost-effective. They can offer good quality prints at quick speed. With fewer moving parts than a regular printer, they are easy to maintain and often last for many years. The disadvantages of thermal printers include the high price and the printed labels, which are prone to fading when exposed to light or in some cases go black when exposed to heat.
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