HP Toner Cartridges

Out of toner? When you buy HP Toner Cartridges from Ink Depot you will get the best prices, and also earn loyalty points to use on your next purchase. Choose from a range of genuine, compatible and remanufactured cartridges suitable for your HP printer model.

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HP 05A Black (CE505A) (Genuine)

$181.43 $193.01 In Stock

HP 125A Black (CB540A) (Genuine)

$161.36 $171.66 In Stock

HP 125A Cyan (CB541A) (Genuine)

$148.29 $157.76 In Stock

HP 125A Yellow (CB542A) (Genuine)

$148.29 $157.76 In Stock

HP 126A Black (CE310A) (Genuine)

$105.00 $111.69 In Stock

HP 126A Cyan (CE311A) (Genuine)

$116.73 $124.18 In Stock

HP 126A Yellow (CE312A) (Genuine)

$116.73 $124.18 In Stock

HP 128A Black (CE320A) (Genuine)

$144.95 $154.20 In Stock

HP 128A Cyan (CE321A) (Genuine)

$137.91 $146.71 In Stock

HP 128A Yellow (CE322A) (Genuine)

$137.91 $146.71 In Stock

HP 12A Black (Q2612A) (Genuine)

$159.58 $169.76 In Stock

HP 130A Black (CF350A) (Genuine)

$115.18 $122.54 In Stock

HP 130A Cyan (CF351A) (Genuine)

$118.78 $126.36 In Stock

HP 130A Yellow (CF352A) (Genuine)

$118.78 $126.36 In Stock

HP 131A Black (CF210A) (Genuine)

$139.46 $148.37 In Stock

HP 131A Cyan (CF211A) (Genuine)

$174.75 $185.89 In Stock

HP 131A Yellow (CF212A) (Genuine)

$174.75 $185.89 In Stock

HP 148A Black (W1480A) (Genuine)

$179.87 $191.35 In Stock

HP 14A Black (CF214A) (Genuine)

$413.70 $440.10 In Stock

HP 17A Black (CF217A) (Genuine)

$125.74 $133.77 In Stock

Best Selling HP Genuine Toner Cartridges

HP 12A Black (Q2612A) (Genuine)

$159.58 $169.76 In Stock

4 Pack HP 206A Genuine Bundle

$525.51 $570.46 In Stock

4 Pack HP 416A Genuine Bundle

$694.70 $754.14 In Stock

4 Pack HP 206X Genuine Bundle

$740.31 $803.63 In Stock

HP 36A Black (CB436A) (Genuine)

$159.58 $169.76 In Stock

2 Pack HP 67XL Genuine Bundle

$90.39 $98.12 In Stock

HP 206A Black (W2110A) (Genuine)

$120.21 $127.88 In Stock

HP 416A Black (W2040A) (Genuine)

$145.19 $154.45 In Stock

2 Pack HP 67 Genuine Bundle

$56.14 $60.95 In Stock

HP 201A Black (CF400A) (Genuine)

$138.83 $147.70 In Stock

HP 26A Black (CF226A) (Genuine)

$235.07 $250.07 In Stock

HP 305A Cyan (CE411A) (Genuine)

$244.46 $260.06 In Stock

HP 35A Black (CB435A) (Genuine)

$138.83 $147.70 In Stock

HP 416A Cyan (W2041A) (Genuine)

$187.90 $199.89 In Stock

HP 416A Magenta (W2043A) (Genuine)

$187.90 $199.89 In Stock

HP 85A Black (CE285A) (Genuine)

$140.25 $149.20 In Stock

4 Pack HP 202A Genuine Bundle

$543.88 $590.40 In Stock

HP 201A Yellow (CF402A) (Genuine)

$163.76 $174.21 In Stock

HP’s range of cartridges

Hewlett Packard is renowned for its range of robust printer models, high quality toners and excellent customer service and support. At Ink Depot you will find cheap original HP toner of the highest quality which are suitable for any monochrome or colour HP laser printer. Standard yield cartridges are available for regular page yields. We also stock high-yield cartridges which offer extra value for money. To make sure you never run out of toner when you most need to print, make sure you check out our cartridge bundles of 2 to 10 per pack.


Buy the best cartridge for your HP printer

Genuine HP LaserJet toner cartridges offered by Hewlett Packard are designed for high page yields and to produce perfect and life-like colour prints and excellent clarity text and photos every time. They offer great overall value and uncompromised performance. Genuine HP Toner Cartridges ensure:

  • High-quality prints every time
  • Perfect fit, designed to be reliable and match printer size
  • Flawless nonstop performance
  • Life-like colours and crisp texts


Value for money - compatible and remanufactured cartridges

For those whose printing requirements or budget mean they prefer generic cartridges check out our range of compatible and remanufactured cartridges for HP laser printers.

  • Compatible cartridges are 100 percent new cartridges manufactured by third party companies and are designed to be as close to the original toner cartridges as possible. They are cost-effective alternatives to the original cartridge and offer good page yield.
  • Remanufactured cartridges are not just refilled cartridges. They are taken apart, cleaned thoroughly and fitted with replacement parts. They are filled with good quality toner and tested before packaging and distribution. When you buy remanufactured cartridges, you not only get cheap cartridges, but are also choosing an environmentally-friendly option.


Where can I find the lowest prices on HP Toner?

Shop for high-quality original HP toner at Ink Depot. You can enjoy our Lowest price guarantee on all our product range. Get in touch with our customer service for any queries or assistance with orders. We offer fast shipping to all locations in Australia.

Explore our latest blog to know about the HP Toner Cartridge expiration dates.


1. Do HP laser printers come with full toner cartridges?

When you buy a new HP laserjet printer, a toner cartridge will be included so you can start printing immediately. However, some printers may only include a starter cartridge, which has less toner powder than the normal replacement cartridges.

2. How long does HP toner last?

The highest quality materials are used to manufacture a HP toner cartridge, so if they are stored correctly and in the right climate conditions, they can last for many years. Note warm and humid weather can cause toner to congeal and solidify inside the cartridge which can result in poor print quality or render the cartridge inoperable.

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