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Buy genuine HP ink bottles to enjoy long-lasting ink and high-quality prints, available for HP SmartTank, SmartTank Wireless and SmartTank Plus printers that can print thousands of pages in one go.

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Print more with HP ink bottles

For businesses or homes that regularly handle high volume printing, HP ink tank printers are the best choice. Imagine having a printer that is affordable, efficient, cost-effective and capable of printing high quality photos, images and text every time. HP Smart Tank printers work with ink bottles that contain a large quantity of ink designed to print thousands of pages and last for up to 2 years (or at least several months, depending on usage).

Save money and enjoy uninterrupted printing

HP Smart Tank printers make use of thermal inkjet technology and instead of cartridges, these printers require ink bottles that fill directly into the in-built tanks within the printer. Enjoy the convenience of HP technology in terms of warranty, robust build, secure software and the added advantage of long-lasting ink with which you can print all you want at a low cost per print. Enjoy outstanding quality, without any compromise on sustainability.

The advantage of HP ink bottles and ink tank printers

For businesses or homes that regularly handle high volume printing, HP ink tank printers are the best choice. For professional photos and vibrant marketing materials, you can rely on HP ink bottles to deliver unmatched quality and the prints are also designed to be fade-proof.

With resealable bottles, enjoy mess-free refill and easy-to-view ink tanks that give a clear picture of ink usage. Depending on the printer model, it is possible to print up to 6,000 to 8,000 pages before needing a refill. Save time, effort and money when you use HP Smart Tank printers and ink bottles.

Find HP 31 and 32XL ink bottles to use with HP SmartTank printers and save more every time you print. We deliver HP ink bottles and all printing supplies to your doorstep anywhere in Australia, including Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide and Sydney.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Are HP ink bottles refillable?

Some manufacturers may provide HP printer ink refill ink that requires you to remove inner and outer caps and pour the ink into the HP genuine ink bottle. After replacing the sealing washer and cap, it is ready for use. However, though it might save costs, there are problems associated with replacing the ink - it can be messy and the ink bottle can malfunction. For best results, HP recommended using the cost-effective, genuine HP ink bottles that can print thousands of pages. Whichever ink tank is low, open the cap of the corresponding ink and insert it top-down on the ink tank and let the ink flow in. If there is ink left over, replace the cap and store in a cool, dry place.

2. What is the shelf life of an HP ink bottle?

According to the HP website, since HP ink tank printers contain ink similar to those used in inkjet printers, they last about 24 months after the warranty date or 30 months after installation of the ink bottle. Since HP mentions that the ink bottles that come with a smart tank printer has enough ink to last for 2 years, it is safe to assume that the inks would work fine at least for 24 months.

3. Do HP ink bottles come with a warranty?

Yes, all HP products, including cartridges and ink bottles come with a warranty and the HP coverage for the inks lasts until the bottle is opened or when the ‘Warranty Ends’ date is reached. The warranty date details are printed on the ink bottle lab

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