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Get an Epson wide format printer to change how you handle a variety of printing needs while remaining cost-effective and easy to use.

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The need for a wide format printer

A wide format or large format printer is typically a device that can print on large media, which regular printers cannot handle. Wide format printers are usually inkjets and can produce attractive, colourful and vibrant outputs, especially when used with special photo paper. Some professional documents like architectural plans or survey maps can only be printed on these printers. Epson is a world-renowned brand known for manufacturing the finest range of inkjet and wide format printers, high-quality inks and other accessories for stunning results every time.

The benefits of wide format printers

Wide format printers are useful for a busy workplace that would prefer a single printer to manage regular printing and marketing brochures and other materials as needed. They additionally offer the convenience of accepting a wide range of media. These printers typically use high yield inks, letting you print large-sized documents and prints without needing to reload ink constantly. With fast printing speed, inexpensive operation and ease of connectivity, an Epson wide format printer is a useful addition to improve productivity and handle different types of printing needs.

Versatile Epson wide format printers

Epson wide format printers are useful for businesses, homes and professionals who regularly print out large-sized documents and images. These include maps, drawings and sketches, schematics, diagrams, construction plans, posters, display advertisements, presentations and more.

Conveniently, these large format printers are designed to handle different types of media, ranging from bond paper to photo paper. Whether you run your own small business or wish to create stunning promotional materials designed to impress, wide format printers can handle the printing needs.

The settings can also be controlled to offer regular size printing, making them useful for a variety of regular and special printing needs. Shop for Epson wide format printers and printing supplies at Ink Depot and enjoy fast delivery across all cities in Australia, including Perth, Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.

General FAQ

If your business regularly needs to print out marketing materials and brochures, banners, posters, architectural plans and other large graphic materials, it is more cost-effective to invest in an Epson wide format printer for those purposes rather than getting a shop to print them for you. Most wide format printers come with an “auto cutter” feature for precision cuts and professional quality printed materials.
Epson wide format printers are designed to work with a variety of media like tracing paper, plain, glossy and matte photo paper, film, thin paper, CAD bond paper and more. Check the model’s specifications to find all compatible media.
The maximum printable size of the epson wide format printer depends on the model. Entry-level wide-format printers like Epson SureColor T5160 can print up to the size of 24 inches (60.9 centimetres) while high-end models can print larger sizes ranging from 36 to 64 inches.
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