Epson Maintenance Kits

We stock Epson maintenance kits for a range of Epson printer series including Epson WorkForce, EcoTank, ColorSure and Expression models. Replace as needed to ensure that your printer works without any problems for years to come.

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Function of an Epson maintenance box

An Epson maintenance box or maintenance kit is a component inside the inkjet printer that collects excess printer ink throughout regular usage of the device. An inkjet printer will not continue printing when the maintenance box is full and until it is replaced because it will result in the excess ink spilling out and affecting the internal components. It is easy to order and replace the maintenance box. Simply follow the instructions specific for your printer model. Until the maintenance box is replaced, your printer might not permit you to print, though you can perform scanning if the device is equipped with the feature.

Maintenance box replacement for hassle-free printing

It is possible to follow instructions to remove the maintenance box, empty the residual ink collected and re-install it. It is not safe to handle the ink - although it is not harmful to skin if it comes in contact, it is not safe to inhale the chemical components in it. Also, there is the risk that the printer might not recognise an empty maintenance box and not function correctly until a new one is replaced.

For best results, buy and replace a maintenance box soon after removing from the protective packaging to enjoy using your printer without any issues. Removing and installing a maintenance box is simple and takes only a few minutes.

Order Epson maintenance kits and save more when you buy from our printer store. We stock Epson maintenance kits for different printer models and deliver your Epson maintenance box/kit to your doorstep across all locations in Australia, including Perth, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I replace my Epson maintenance kit?

As a rough estimate, an Epson maintenance box or kit needs to be replaced once every 1 or 2 years. This depends on the printer’s usage volume. Since the maintenance box is responsible for flushing out ink during the printhead cleaning, at the end of its service life, it needs to be replaced as necessary.

2. How do I know when an Epson maintenance kit needs to be replaced?

Epson inkjet printers will display a message indicating the need to replace the maintenance box. You can also view the maintenance box levels by accessing the ‘Epson Status Monitor’ and ‘Maintenance Box Service Life’ on a Mac or Windows device to find the remaining ink capacity and plan the purchase of a new maintenance kit accordingly.

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