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With more Australians than ever before working from their homes, there are more Australians than ever before wanting to ensure that their home office is set up with an easy to use printer and wanting to locate a reliable source of inexpensive ink cartridge refills. At Ink Depot you can be confident of getting the optimum performance out of your Epson printers with good quality, low cost inks from Australia’s reputed online supplier of printers, ink and toner cartridges.

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How do ink cartridges work?

Ink cartridges drop ink onto the paper in exactly the right place at extremely high speed during printing. With Epson this is achieved using their electric-current-controlled piezo crystals, rather than the more traditional method of thermal print heads which use heat to generate bubbles that force ink through the nozzles. WIth Epson’s piezo crystal technology, crystals are embedded into printer heads and change shape in response to electric currents so ink is pushed onto the paper. Using this technology Epson’s print heads can deliver up to 50,000 extremely accurate droplets each second.

Epson’s heat-free technology can result in faster printing and time savings. And because there is no heat damage to the printheads they last longer than with thermal printers, which in turn reduces the environmental burden of manufacturing and recycling these additional resources.

The perfect ink cartridges for your peace-of-mind

The ink cartridges we stock are manufactured with stringent quality standards to work flawlessly with Epson printers. At Ink Depot you will find an extensive range of low-cost ink cartridges for Epson models that deliver superior prints and a higher page yield without compromising on the quality. Replace the ink cartridges without any hassles and enjoy trouble-free printing with ink cartridges that are specifically designed for the intricate Epson Micro Piezo printhead.

Factors which impact how long cartridges last

Try these tips to make your cartridges last longer:

Individual ink cartridges: Because you usually don’t print equal amounts of each colour you are likely to run out of different colours at different times. When next upgrading your printer be mindful of selecting one that best suits your colour-printing needs. Individual ink cartridges (one colour per cartridge) will usually result in more vivid colours for your images and will usually be more economical than tri-colour cartridges (one cartridge containing multiple combined inks). Individual inks mean you only need to replace the one cartridge that actually needs replacing, saving wasted ink and wasted money.

Size of cartridges: Take note of the ink volume of the cartridges you are purchasing. Larger cartridge volumes will be better value for your money - and better for the environment as your cartridge will last longer.

Cartridge care: Store unused cartridges in a cool, dark place. Make sure you store your cartridges on their side to ensure the ink remains in contact with the spongy part of the cartridge wall. And kept a note of their expiry dates.

Regularly run a cleaning cycle on your printer to keep your cartridges in good working order, and make sure you run a full cleaning cycle on your printer when you first install your new ink cartridges. This will help prevent your printer nozzles from becoming blocked.

Where you buy matters

Ink Depot is a customer-centered online shop which offers the best value for you in terms of both products and service. We promise you an uncomplicated shopping experience where you can purchase the right ink cartridge for your particular Epson printer model in a few simple clicks. Our products are competitively priced and well supported by expert customer care.

We ship Australia-wide from our warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, ensuring express delivery to your door in 1 or 2 days in major cities and within 5 days to remote areas. With our money back guarantee you can confidently shop with us for all your printing products.

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