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Buy genuine and compatible Epson ink bottles to use with your Epson EcoTank printer model. We stock Epson inks in black, cyan, magenta and yellow colours.

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Ink tanks and ink bottles that last long

Epson’s InkTank range of printers eliminate the need for ink cartridges that have to be replaced frequently. Instead, they use ink bottles with several millilitres of ink that can print thousands of pages before requiring a refill.

When you invest in an ink tank printer, you can go longer between ink bottle replacements and save on printing costs. Epson printer ink in these bottles are designed to offer the best quality text and image prints. For businesses that deal with high volume printing, EcoTank printers with large tank capacity and refillable Epson printer ink offer convenience and savings.

High quality inks for professional prints

Epson EcoTank printers use premium Epson ink specially formulated to deliver the most vivid images and crisp text. For professional photographers looking to print out stunning prints or marketing teams that are planning attractive brochures, Epson ink will deliver stunning results every time. Epson ink bottles are designed specifically to make ink replacement easy.

High capacity ink bottles with intuitive features

Epson inks last for months and can print thousands of pages before there is a need to replace them. The bottles are designed to fit only the right colour slot in the filling port, thus preventing you from incorrectly using the wrong colour in an incorrect slot. When refilling is so mess-free and simple, it is easier to print without hassles.

Epson is the leading seller of ink tank printers across the world and the revolutionary ink bottles can save money, effort and time. According to their website, each bottle is equivalent to 70 ink cartridges and that translates to about 90 percent cost savings when you use Epson printer ink.

Shop for Epson printer ink T502, T512, T522, T532, T542 and T552, T664 and T774 and save more every time you print. We deliver Espon ink and other printing supplies to your doorstep anywhere in Australia, including Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Sydney.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do Epson ink bottles last?

According to the Epson website, Epson ink bottles contain enough ink to work with the ink tank printer to churn out up to 14,000 pages, many times more than regular ink cartridges.

2. What’s the difference between original and compatible Epson ink bottles?

Genuine Epson inks are supplied by the original manufacturer, Epson, and offer unmatched quality and value for money. Compatible Epson ink bottles are designed to resemble the original cartridges and are filled with the same (or slightly higher) amount of high-quality ink so they have similar page yields and quality to the original Epson inks.

3. What sizes of Epson ink bottles are available?

Epson ink bottles are designed to fit specific printer models and a typical bottle contains about 70ml of ink, enough to print several thousand pages.

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