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At Ink Depot you can choose from a range of Canon cartridges and be assured of producing the finest quality prints with your Canon inkjet printer.

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Canon CL-38 Colour (Genuine)

$31.77 $32.76 In Stock

Canon CL-511 Colour (Genuine)

$32.47 $33.47 In Stock

Canon CL-641 Colour (Genuine)

$25.74 $26.53 In Stock

Canon CL-646 Colour (Genuine)

$28.12 $28.99 In Stock

Canon CLI-42BK Black (Genuine)

$23.10 $23.82 In Stock

Canon CLI-42C Cyan (Genuine)

$23.10 $23.82 In Stock

Canon CLI-42GY Grey (Genuine)

$23.10 $23.82 In Stock

Canon CLI-42Y Yellow (Genuine)

$23.10 $23.82 In Stock

Canon CLI-521C Cyan (Genuine)

$22.29 $22.98 In Stock

Canon CLI-521GY Grey (Genuine)

$22.29 $22.98 In Stock

Canon CLI-526C Cyan (Genuine)

$22.68 $23.39 In Stock

Canon CLI-526GY Grey (Genuine)

$22.68 $23.39 In Stock

Canon CLI-651C Cyan (Genuine)

$20.36 $20.99 In Stock

Canon CLI-651GY Grey (Genuine)

$20.36 $20.99 In Stock

Best Selling Canon Genuine Ink Cartridges

Canon PGI-680BK Black (Genuine)

$16.50 $17.01 In Stock

Canon CL-511 Colour (Genuine)

$32.47 $33.47 In Stock

Canon PG-640 Black (Genuine)

$25.34 $26.12 In Stock

Get your genuine Canon cartridges in a click

We know that your printer needs ink in order to complete its printing tasks. And we also know that purchasing ink for a Canon printer can be costly. At Ink Depot we strive to provide you with a wide range of compatible and genuine Canon ink cartridges at competitive prices to ensure you achieve great printing results every time you print with your Canon printers. Experience peak performance and excellent printing outputs by ordering your Canon printer ink online from Ink Depot, all from the comfort of your home.

Why you should go for genuine Canon cartridges

With genuine Canon inks you can be assured of high quality consistent printing, and long lasting prints. Canon prides itself on its genuine inks which have been formulated to produce exceptionally vibrant and crystal-clear colours to achieve a vividly accurate result. Canon states that using its genuine Canon ink cartridges will not only assure you of optimum print results but will enhance the reliability of your printer.

How do you know what kind of ink cartridge to get for your printer?

There are two ways to do this. The simplest way is to input your printer model into our search engine here at Ink Depot and you will find the matching ink cartridges for your printer in an instant. We stock black Canon ink cartridges and colour ink for Canon printer models.

Alternatively you can lift the cover of your printer and take note of the label on your current ink cartridge. Your Canon printer ink cartridge label should be clearly visible once you have the cover lifted or, if not, take your cartridge out and the label will be on the cartridge side.

The best place to buy your printer cartridges

Whichever Canon inkjet printer you own, at Ink Depot you are bound to find cheap Canon ink cartridges to match your printer. Whether you are looking for Canon ink cartridges for your Maxify multifunction printer or your Pixma multifunction printer, we have the Canon printer ink you need. For Canon PIXMA ink and inks for other Canon printers, you can check for genuine and compatible alternatives available.

We also stock quality options for those customers whose printing requirements and available budget mean they prefer to use compatible, rather than genuine ink cartridges. You can move around our online shop with considerable ease, find your Canon printer ink cartridges and order what you want with a few simple clicks.

Ink Depot ships printing products all over Australia, and we take pride in our customer service with a 100% money back guarantee. Enjoy free shipping on all Canon ink orders above $99. And when you buy from Ink Depot you can rest assured that your delivery will get to you fast.

Explore our latest blog to know about the Canon Ink Cartridge expiration dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the shelf life of a Canon ink cartridge?

According to their website, Canon ink cartridges do not mention any expiration date on their ink cartridges. But as a best practice, it is advisable to use an ink cartridge within 6 months to 2 years of purchase and to retain it in protective packaging until the time of installation.

2. How do I know when it is time to replace a Canon ink cartridge?

Canon printers are equipped with a feature to alert the user when the ink levels are low. Depending on the printer model, it could range from an ‘ink low’ light flash to a notification alerting you to replace the cartridge or when the prints are slightly faded, it could be an indication that the ink is running low.

3. What are Canon FINE cartridges and why are they great for photos?

Many Canon inkjet printers use FINE (full photolithography inkjet nozzle engineering) technology. Canon printer ink cartridges (such as the CL and BCI series) are built to work with the printers to produce outstanding print quality even on ordinary papers, making them ideal for beautiful photo prints. This is achieved by pushing out heated printer ink in a single ejection instead of simply squirting it out of the printheads.

4. How can waste be reduced while using Canon ink cartridges?

The CL, CLI, BCI, PG and PGI series are marketed as individual ink tanks to reduce waste and save money as you only need to replace the individual colour that has been depleted. Additionally, the ink is smudge-resistant, dries fast and won’t fade for a very long time.

5. What is ChromaLife 100 technology?

Canon launched its ChromaLife 100 range of ink to further enhance image quality from FINE print heads through its range of CLI ink cartridges and special photo paper. The prints are vibrant, last longer and are resistant to light, heat and humidity.

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