Buy cables for different purposes, all conveniently at one place. We stock audio cables, HDMI and ethernet cables, USB cables, multi tip cables and more, available at affordable prices from brands like Moki, Jackson, D-Link and more.

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Wide range of cables in stock

At our store, you can find cables for a variety of purposes to connect with various devices. We stock cables from brands such as D-Link, Lindy, Jackson, Moki and more. Whether you want audio cables, Anthra lines for AV installation, high speed HDMI cables or ethernet cables for internet connection, you can find them from our online store. We stock cables of different length and with features to facilitate different connections.

USB cables, power cables and ethernet cables

Browse for power cables and ethernet cables for high-speed internet connection. You can find USB-A, USB-B and USB-C cables in our store. The three USB cable types differ in the physical construction and the shape of the port and connector, with the USB-C being the newest and most advanced design among the three for modern smartphones and gadgets. Different devices work with different types of USB cables. If you have a USB adapter, you can use any type of cable for connection.

Types of HDMI cables

We stock HDMI cables in different types (standard, mini and micro as well as Gold, Cromo, Anthra lines) of different lengths and bandwidth capacity. Enjoy high speed audio and video streaming without any latency by choosing the best quality HDMI cables. You can find cables from reputed brands like Lindy and Moki and connect your devices for the best performance.

Audio cables, lightning cables and more

Buy audio cables to connect portable car audio players or speakers and stereos. Get splitter audio cables to use with tablets, smartphones, handheld game consoles and DVD/MP3 players. Order lightning cables to use with a range of Apple devices for syncing and charging purposes. Shop for DB9 cables, multi-tip cables, DisplayPort cables and more at our online store.

We offer the best prices on cables and ship them fast to all major cities in Australia, including Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane. Order today and get them delivered to your doorstep.

General FAQ

Ethernet cables are used for connecting the LAN port on a modem with a PC or laptop for facilitating an internet connection. They are available in different lengths and bandwidth speeds.
No, HDMI cables differ based on the requirement, devices to be connected, speed and length required. Please check the specifications before purchase
No, HDMI is better than a VGA cable. VGA is the older standard used only for video signal transfer. HDMI cables are more advanced and have now become the default standard for all the new electronic devices like LED TVs and Blu-Ray devices.
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