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Brother printers are used both at home and in the office. For those who are looking for a reliable printer for their home or small business needs, Brother printer can be the perfect choice. At Ink Depot, find Brother ink cartridges for printers at discounted prices.

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Brother LC131C Cyan (Genuine)

$24.67 $25.44 In Stock

Brother LC133C Cyan (Genuine)

$37.65 $38.82 In Stock

Brother LC231 Black (Genuine)

$38.72 $39.91 In Stock

Brother LC231 Cyan (Genuine)

$22.08 $22.76 In Stock

Brother LC231 Yellow (Genuine)

$22.08 $22.76 In Stock

Brother LC233C Cyan (Genuine)

$34.96 $36.04 In Stock

Brother LC23EC Cyan (Genuine)

$35.18 $36.27 In Stock

Brother LC3317C Cyan (Genuine)

$36.01 $37.13 In Stock

Best Selling Brother Genuine and Compatible Ink Cartridges

4 Pack Brother LC436 Genuine Bundle

$166.76 $175.43 In Stock

4 Pack Brother LC73 Genuine Bundle

$145.97 $153.55 In Stock

4 Pack Brother LC3317 Genuine Bundle

$155.99 $164.11 In Stock

4 Pack Brother LC432 Genuine Bundle

$138.79 $146.00 In Stock

Brother ink cartridges for reliable printing

Brother printers are engineered to deliver reliable performance, enhance productivity and offer professional results. With years of innovation and emphasis on quality, Brother’s range of printers promises durability and function. We stock ink cartridges Brother offers for its printers as well as compatible inks from reputed manufacturers.

If you need replacement ink for a Brother printer, you can find them at Ink Depot. Here, you can buy genuine and compatible ink cartridges and other office supplies at discount prices. All products will be delivered to you fast anywhere in Australia.

Genuine and compatible ink cartridges - a brief overview

At Ink Depot, you can purchase single or multiple units of genuine and compatible Brother cartridges for different inkjet printers. Depending on your printing needs and budget, you can buy single or packs of cartridges.

Genuine ink cartridges, also known as original cartridges are made by Brother for specific models. These Brother printer ink cartridges are designed to work seamlessly and prevent leaks and clogs, smudges and smears. Find an extensive range of genuine Brother printer inks for use in different Brother inkjet printers.

For customers looking for budget cartridges, we also stock compatible cartridges. Compatible printer ink cartridges are sources from reputed manufacturers and are as good as genuine printer cartridges at a fraction of the price.

Compatible cartridges are manufactured with stringent attention to quality. They are designed to be similar to original cartridges and offer the same quality as Brother printer ink. Thus, these cartridges will not only be friendly on the pocket, but also function without any hassles.

One of the great advantages of shopping with Ink Depot is that you can get your replacement ink cartridges from the comfort of your home. Order your Brother ink cartridges online and have them delivered to your doorstep fast.

High yield Brother ink cartridges

You can buy standard and high yield ink cartridges depending on your print volume. What are high yield cartridges? A high yield cartridge is designed to hold more ink than a standard cartridge. As a result it offers more prints per cartridge. Sure, a high yield cartridge will cost a little more than a regular cartridge. But in the long run, it will prove economical, considering the number of pages that can be printed.

Browse through our selection of high yield cartridges compatible with your printer model. High yield cartridges are available as single units and multipacks. Shop for ink cartridges for Brother printers and save more on printing costs. We stock ink for Brother printers available in black, cyan, magenta, yellow colours.

How to protect and get the most out of your ink cartridges

To care for your Brother printer inks, make sure you follow these three simple instructions:

  • Do not leave your cartridges exposed to sunlight.
  • Do not leave an empty ink cartridge in your printer.
  • Do not leave your printer idle/unused for long periods of time (as ink may dry over the printhead nozzle).


Simple steps to extend life of your ink cartridges

There are also some easy steps you can take if you are wanting to extend the life of each Brother ink cartridge. Try these steps:

Consider the fonts you are using: Avoid large and bold fonts. Download ecofont (which can save up to 45% less ink by including small white circles within each character).

Proofread: Use the print preview feature to review the document before you print. This will help you make corrections and avoid unnecessary reprinting.

Update your printer’s default settings: Consider setting the print quality to “draft” and avoid colour printing unless essential. Consider printing on both sides if your printer allows duplex printing.

Only print what you need: Avoid unwanted ads and photos on a webpage you want to print. Go to printwhatyoulike.com or any similar site and enter the relevant URL of that page you want to print. Edit it as you want before printing.

Check if your printhead is clean: If your cartridge has stopped printing like it used to, make sure you check it hasn’t got a clogged nozzle before you throw it away. To do this, run your printer’s printhead cleaning feature (found in the maintenance feature of your Brother print software).

Fast delivery across Australia

Buy Brother ink cartridges at Ink Depot. We deliver to all major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth and other locations in Australia. Our in-stock materials are shipped within 24 hours of your payment and will reach you in 1 to 2 days if you’re living in major cities or within 5 days to remote areas.

All orders above $99 are shipped free. For any printer related information, don’t hesitate to call our customer service professionals for expert guidance.

Explore our latest blog to know about the Brother Ink Cartridge expiration dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do Brother ink cartridges last?

Brother ink cartridges have an approximate shelf life of 24 months (or 2 years) for unopened cartridges. The ‘Best Before’ date is usually printed on the cartridge packaging. Once opened, the ink cartridge should be used within 6 months. Brother’s INKvestment/Innobella™ inks have a shelf life of up to 36 months (or 3 years).

2. How do I check the ink level of my Brother ink cartridges?

Most Brother printer models are equipped with a screen that alerts the user on low ink levels through a notification. You can also access the ink levels whenever needed. For regular screens: Use the ‘Menu’ option to access ‘Ink’ or ‘Ink Management’ and use the arrow keys to reach ‘Inv Volume’ to access the ink levels of different ink cartridges. Use ‘Exit’ or ‘Stop’ to return to the home screen. For touch screens: Use left/right arrow keys to access ‘Ink’ and up/down arrow keys to access ‘Ink Volume’ to see the ink levels of different cartridges. Use ‘Exit’ or ‘Stop’ to return to the home screen.

3. Is it better to buy genuine Brother ink cartridges or compatibles?

Both genuine and compatible Brother ink cartridges have their advantages. Genuine Brother printer ink cartridges offer unmatched quality and work seamlessly with the printer model. Compatible Brother cartridges are designed to closely match genuine cartridges and offer similar page yield at a fraction of the cost.

4. What is the advantage of Brother Innobella™ ink?

When combined with glossy paper, Brother Innobella™ ink offers prints that are richer in colour, resistant to fading, more vibrant and less grainy. Check for Innobella ink cartridges in our store for your compatible printer.

5. What is the difference between standard, high yield and extra high yield cartridges?

Standard ink cartridges are the default option available with ink printers. The number of pages it can print will be mentioned on the packaging and it will require frequent replacing. High yield cartridges contain more ink and can usually print double the amount of standard cartridges, if not more. Extra high yield or super high yield cartridges offer the highest page yield possible, up to four times the standard cartridge output.

6. What makes Brother ink superior for colour prints?

Brother ink cartridges are formulated specially in order to reduce risk of smudges and smears on your printouts. With innovative colour management technology, Brother ink produces the right pantone colours needed for images and text to look vibrant and consistent print after print.

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