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Genuine, Compatible or Remanufactured Cartridges - Which one is good for you?

The question is not about which one is good, but it’s about choosing the best one for your printing needs. Genuine Vs Compatible printer cartridges! This is an interesting topic of discussion. If you are relatively new to printers, inks and toners, this article will help you learn the basics and it will also help you make the right buyin...
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Here's what you need to check before investing in a new printer

We still do not live in a paperless environment! I'm sure you'd agree with this statement because even today, most departments at an office depend on printers to print important documents, legal contracts and more. Is it possible to run your office without a printer? The answer to this questions is likely 'NO'. Eventually, every office n...
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Ink and Toner cartridges expiry dates; should you pay attention?

Let's look at a familiar scenario; You're at the supermarket, buying juice. You hunt towards the back of the shelf and pick the bottles with the latest manufacturing date so they'll stay fresh longer. And at home, you'd insist your family members complete the bottle that expires first. While most of us look at the manufacturing and expiry da...
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Decoding the error codes of your HP laser printer

Do you own an HP laser printer and your HP toner cartridges are intact? And here's what it means if your printer shows error codes. Understand the common fuser error codes and know the easy ways to fix them. Fuser Errors Laser printers take not more than a few seconds to print amazing printouts. When the print command is given, the paper...
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You can attempt to repair your Laser printer yourself

If you have a laser printer, you've probably had a toner and fuser problem. The severity of each printer problem can range from just having a paper jam to the fuser pressure mechanism failure error. No matter what the problem is, it can really prevent you from using your printer, it can be frustrating and cost your productivity. As a result of p...
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Keep Calm And Recycle

With Coles and Woolworths leading the way this month by no longer providing free lightweight single use plastic bags for customers, we would like to encourage all our customers at Ink Depot to become more environmentally conscientious too. A staggering 18 million printer cartridges are thrown out by Australians each year. This results in ove...
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On the Hunt for the Perfect Home Office Printer

In most homes there comes a time when the family printer needs to be replaced. Perhaps the kids are slightly older now and need to have school work printed out or have taken up photography and are calling for a printer that will print their photos. Perhaps Mum has started working from home and needs a well-functioning printer for her new job. Le...
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Smart buying helps you save more on printer inks and toners

Read, ask and check! If you want to save more money on printing expenses, you need to be smarter about it. Always read and research It takes a lot of effort to find the best ink and toner cartridge supplier who will help you cut the costs of printer consumables. You may come across a lot of marketplaces that will offer great discount...
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Are Printer consumables a huge drain on your budget?

Office supplies and printer consumables may seem like a minor expense compared to the other operational costs of a business. In any home office, medium and large, you would need office supplies like pens, scissors, paper clips and printer consumables. While these basic supplies cannot be ignored, over time, the cost can add up especially when yo...
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