Choose the best wired or wireless headphones from our online store and enjoy the best audio quality and seamless performance. We stock headphones from reputed brands like Moki, Shokz and Planet Buddies.

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Wired headphones - great audio quality

We stock wired headphones in a range of colours from reputed brands to choose from so that you can enjoy music or listen to an audiobook with high clarity. You can choose headphones with built-in microphones to conduct crisp and clear conversations. These headphones are ideal for personal, entertainment and work purposes. Wired headphones offer the advantages of excellent audio output and no latency so that you can enjoy conversations and listen to audio without any lag.

Wireless headphones features

Invest in wireless headphones to use wherever you go with bluetooth connectivity. They offer the unmatched convenience of portability. Even though latency could be an issue with wireless models, recent advancements in technology ensures that they offer the same audio quality and minimum to no latency so that you can enjoy the best audio experience from anywhere. Buy Bluetooth headphones from the best audio product brands at our store.

Cute, animal-themed headphones

Shop for fun and cute headphones from brands like Moki and Planet Buddies. These headphones are designed for kids as well as adults and come in engaging designs and attractive colours. You can choose “safe limited volume” headphones for children so that the audio is never too loud to cause any hearing damage. Choose from a wide range of wired and wireless headphones from the best brands at affordable prices and get them delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Australia, including major cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Perth.

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General FAQ

Yes, noise-cancelling headphones can offer a superior audio quality without background distractions and surround sound effects. Exercise caution while using these headphones in public places as they can make you unaware of any sounds or noises around you.
Both wireless and wired headphones have their own set of advantages. Wireless headphones offer portability and convenience of listening on the go. Choose wireless headphones if you like to listen to music or converse while travelling.
Over-ear headphones have ear cups that go around your ears and are ideal for noise cancellation and are more comfortable to wear. On-ear headphones fit exactly over the ears and can still keep you aware of sounds around you. They might not be as comfortable to wear for long periods like over-ear headphones.
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