The printer manufacturers will all tell you that they are evil! The Australian government is currently promoting them in all of their ‘sustainable workplace’ programs. Reduce Reuse, Recycle!

So what IS the deal with re-manufactured cartridges?!

We have all read the horror stories that circulate around, and the idea of buying re-manufactured may seem extremely risky to some.

recycle earthThe thing to take into consideration is that it is NOT the brand manufacturer that re-manufactures the cartridge; normally it is a separate third party organisation, this is the reason why Ink Depot list re-manufactured cartridges under the compatible/ generic category on our website. These different companies all use different approaches and quality standards, which can lead to very different results.

In truth the re-manufacturing process is a lot more complicated than just taking an empty toner cartridge and refilling it. It involves completely disassembling the cartridge, separating and cleaning the different components, replacing the drum, wiper blade, and rollers where necessary, and then refilling to the required specifications before reassembling or rebuilding the cartridge from the ground up.

Ink Depot only supply re-manufactured cartridges from the largest importers in Australia. The brands we supply, mainly Whitebox, Printrite and Q-Image, are probably the dominant generic brands in the Australian market.

In the end, remanufactured cartridges truly are the most environmentally friendly choice, not only are you helping to reduce the amount of metal and plastic waste that goes into landfill (some of which can take as long as 1,000 years to decompose!), but you are also conserving non-renewable natural resources (it takes about 3 litres of oil to make a laser cartridge!) and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 4.5kg per cartridge!

Oh, and you save yourself money as well!!