A Thermal Printer is hot stuff in the medical and retail industries, literally! Here’s why…

Businesses have been using thermal printer devices for years and for good reason.  They provide fast, quiet, efficient and accurate printing results.  This is why they are so widely used in the health, transport, finance and retail industries.

What is a thermal printer?  Well, here’s the science bit…Thermal printers use a heat transfer technology to create images on specially designed thermal paper.  The thermal paper is designed to withstand the higher temperatures needed for thermal printing.  The paper is treated with a chemical layer which reacts with the heated print head to transfer the data and images to the paper.

What does this all mean?  Well it basically means that thermal printers do not need ink cartridges.  Nor do they need toner or ribbons to get tangled in. They are quite simply the fuss free printing alternative.

Think about it.  Messy or blurred printing in the health, transport or retail industries can be costly in so many ways.  In healthcare thermal printers have removed the illegible scribbles of the doctor.  Thermal printers have enabled precise printouts for electrocardiograms.  In the retail, banking and transport industries thermal printers work all day everyday printing receipts and tickets for customers.  In these industries speed, accuracy and great customer service are of the utmost importance.

So why aren’t you using a thermal printer for your business?  Well, if you are not printing receipts, tickets or ultrasounds you may think this is wonderful technology that is not relevant to your business.  Perhaps a little more research could be in order. You could be missing out on time and money savings for your business.  Although thermal printers are not the cheapest, you need to consider the long-term savings.

As with all advances in technology thermal printers have advanced too.  The list of benefits include:

  • Space saving lightweight printer – small enough to fit in your briefcase
  • Mobile printing facilities
  • Wide choice of power options, rechargeable batteries, vehicle power kits and ac adapters
  • Lower energy use
  • Bluetooth and USB functions
  • Direct printing to A4 thermal paper
  • Accessories to protect your printer and kits to mount the thermal printer in your vehicle
  • Thermal Fax machines are also available

If you are on the road meeting with clients regularly a mobile printer could be your new best friend.  You can print off quotes there and then. Have those contracts signed straight away.  Brother is one of the manufacturers of Thermal printers and Ink Depot has a range of their thermal printers available in store.  Brother recommends thermal printers for field sales executives, on the road service engineers, logistics and deliveries, public safety or emergency services workers.  Thermal printers are ideal for printing:

  • invoices
  • service reportsBrother PJ-623 Thermal Printer
  • delivery notes
  • incident reports
  • warning notices
  • order sheets
  • stock take data
  • maintenance reports.

So maybe a thermal printer could be a great investment for the future of your business.