Time for a new printer?  Do you want to save money on ink cartridges this time round?

Before you rush into buying your new printer stop!  Take your time and do some research first.  You may be pleased with the savings you make in the long run.

There are lots of deals to be found on a new printer.  You can be won over with the raft of great new features but are you really getting good value?   It is important to look at the total cost for your new printer.  What will the cost of printing be over time?  The real measure of value starts with the running costs of the new printer long term.

Many people have found that the new ink cartridges for their bargain printer can cost more than the printer itself!  Sadly, this can be true. However, it can be avoided by doing your homework first.

Here are some questions you need to consider before you jump in to your next new printer purchase:

1. Found a great new printer – what next?New Printer - Canon PIXMA iP7260

If you find a new printer you are interested in, find out the cost of cartridges for your new printer first.  You can use search functions on websites such as Ink Depot.  These search functions allow you to search by the model of the printer, for example iP7260 (Canon Pixma Printer).  The search will show you all of the products available for that printer.  You will be able to see the ink and toner cartridges that you need.  It will also tell you if you can buy compatible and genuine cartridges for that printer.  As well as the price of replacing the cartridges too.

2. How much will it cost to print each page?

This is a simple calculation using the yield for the cartridge (the number of pages it can print) and divide it by the cost of the cartridge.  This will give you a good figure to compare other new printer models with.  You can find this figure next to all of the ink cartridges in the Ink Depot searches for example Canon CLI-651B the number of A4 pages is 1795.  You can see how pages yields are measured on the Canon website and what factors you should bear in mind so the figures are not misleading.  For example the type of paper used and the printer settings can all impact on page yields.

Some printers use higher yield ink cartridges so on a per page basis are often cheaper to operate.

3. How many ink cartridges will I need?

Believe it or not this is an important consideration.  Some printers use combined ink tanks, some have one colour cartridge and one black cartridge.  Other printers can have cyan, magenta, yellow and black as separate cartridges.  If you have one cartridge you will have to replace it as soon as one colour runs out unless you don’t mind your printing becoming pink, blue or green over time.  Although it may seem more expensive you can usually save money with separate ink tanks because you only replace the individual colours when needed.

4. Can I buy cartridges for my printer?

When you search for a printer on the Ink Depot website it will display all of the genuine and compatible cartridges available for your chosen printer.  Compatible ink cartridges will save you money but we strongly suggest you buy them from a reputable supplier to ensure you get high quality compatible ink cartridges.  See our blog article on genuine vs compatible ink cartridges for more information.

5.  What do other people think of this printer?

If you have your eye on a particular new printer we recommend you seek out independent reviews of printers.  The reviews will help you to learn more about the features and the pros and cons of each model.  CNET is an example of a website that has unbiased reviews of all kinds of technological items including computers, digital cameras and printers.  Another useful review site is Productreview.com.au.

As much as we hate parting with our hard earned money, paying a little more for a new printer upfront can save you a lot more money in the longer term.

If you are still unsure which new printer to buy the friendly staff at Ink Depot are always happy to help you.  Give them a call on 1300 246 116 or send an email to sales@inkdepot.com.au.  Tell them what you want your printer to do and they will help you find the best printer for your needs.