Money saving tips – Here’s our Top 10 ways to save!

The cost of running a printer in a busy home or office can soon add up.  To help you we have put together our top 10 money saving tips for printing!

1.  What is your default print mode on your printer? Check your settings before you print and select ‘Draft quality’ as your default print mode.  This will speed up the printing and use less ink.  This is both time and money saving!

2.  Do you use genuine or compatible cartridges for your printer?  Genuine cartridges are usually a lot more expensive than compatible cartridges.  Compatible cartridges offer the same quality but without the hefty price tag.  Be sure to buy your compatible cartridges from a reputable supplier.   See our blog article on genuine vs compatible ink cartridges for more information.

Money Saving Tips

3.  Do you use high yield cartridges in your printer?  You should!  Most printers can take high yield ink cartridges.  Despite the higher cost of high yield cartridges they can save you money.  They will print more pages than standard yield cartridges making the cost per page cheaper overall.

4.  Check your bargain printer is really a bargain!  Low cost printers and great printer deals can be misleading.  Always check the price of the ink cartridges your printer will need before you buy your printer.  This will confirm whether or not you are getting a good deal.  Sometimes it is better to spend a bit more on your printer and enjoy lower running costs.

5.  Do you really need to print that?  We all have a habit of printing everything and then filing it.  It is time to ask yourself whether or not you really need to print it.  Be selective!   A lot of ink is wasted by printing out emails and receipts that we can save in a file on our computer.   Printing website articles can lead to printing lots of pages.  A great tip when printing from websites is to use the cut and paste function and only print off what you need.

6.  Save paper!  Why print 4 pages when you can print 2?  You can save a lot of paper by adjusting your print settings.  You can print out double sided documents on some printers.  This is known as duplex printing.  It may be manual or automatic depending on your printer.   You can also print 2 pages on one side as long as your can still read the document clearly.

7.  Shop on-line for your next printer!  You can find a number of reputable on-line stores, including the high street stores.  There are often great deals to be found.  On-line retailers often have much lower overheads than retail outlets so these savings are passed on to the customer.  Many on-line sellers help you save on postage too.  For example Ink Depot has free shipping for orders over $95 which includes printers.

8.  Loyalty pays!  There are heaps of loyalty programs around. They are one of the easiest money saving tips to use.  On-line stores have them too.  Ink Depot has a loyalty program which gives you shopping points every time you purchase.   At Ink Depot, for example, the points can be used for Wish Gift cards as well as future in-store purchases.   It is amazing how quickly these points add up and contribute to your $ savings.

9.  You’ve got Mail!  It is time to think about subscribing to your suppliers newsletter if they have one.  Yes these emails can seem annoying but reputable suppliers use them to reward their loyal customers.  They are often filled with promotional offers or discounts that you could miss out on because you didn’t know.

10.  Refer a friend!  How many times have you heard that before.  But it is true, many reputable on-line stores offer money off vouchers or loyalty points.  They will reward customers who refer new customers that place an order.  See our blog article on the Ink Depot Loyalty Program.