Are you looking for a printer that is somewhere between an inkjet and a laser?  Then Liquid Gel technology from Ricoh might be what you are looking for.

Liquid Gel printers use GelSprinter technology.  This is a hybrid between laser and inkjet printers.  It offers the right balance and maximum  print speed and image quality at an affordable cost to businesses.   Gel printers offer high speed printing by combining three innovative technologies: Liquid Gel, Wide Heads and the Belt Feeding System.

Ricoh 405532 (GC21K) Black Liquid Gel Cartridge

Liquid Gel – GelSprinter is an affordable alternative to laser printing.  It uses viscous ink which dries on contact with paper without smudging or blurring.

Wide Print Heads – GelSprinter print heads are three times wider than those of conventional inkjet printers. Each print head nozzle is durable, allowing ink to be ejected at greater pressure.  This helps to prevent clogging. These extra-wide print heads move in tandem for greater coverage per pass.  They deliver superior speeds over a much larger printable area that any other inkjet printer.

Belt Feeding System – traditional inkjet printers use rollers that can leave sheets of paper unsupported, causing them to ripple and jam.  Double-sided printing can also cause problems.   The GelSprinter uses a sophisticated Belt Feeding System that practically eliminates paper jams and allows speedy double-sided printing.

Ricoh currently has 3 Liquid Gel printers in its range.  Ink Depot sells the cartridges for these printers.  Find the pricing by clicking on these links: Aficio GX3000, Aficio GX 3050N, Aficio GX 5050N