You may have found yourself pondering the thought of buying compatible cartridges at some point and why wouldn’t you at least think about it? If anything, for the sole reason that compatible cartridges can be up to 70% cheaper than the genuine product.

But before you buy them, you then have that second thought that pops in your head which reminds you of that time someone mentioned that they tried compatibles before and thought they were rubbish or maybe someone mentioned that their printer broke and that person had blamed the cartridges as the sole reason. Either way, based on criticisms that you’ve heard, you decided against trying them.

We use compatible products in our office printer here and we thought we’d share our own experience with our customers.

We use a Brother MFC-J6520DW printer for our office printing and use our own compatible cartridges in this printer because we’re confident in the quality of products that we sell. First things first, the quality of prints with the compatible cartridges is very similar to the quality of prints that the genuine cartridges produced.

Compatible cartridges for this printer look Brother MFC-J6520DWsimilar to the genuine cartridges, which isn’t always the case, as some compatibles cartridges are designed differently to the genuine product so they are compatible with a wider range of printers and to avoid design patents. Installing the cartridges works the same way as the genuine cartridges do. On occasion, a cartridge may have needed to be re-inserted multiple times before properly being detected by the printer. And while most people may not experience this issue, it could potentially be a nuisance for some people. However, the hassle of an extra 30 seconds required to do this is well worth the savings.

We did not pick up on any noticeable difference in the lifespan of the cartridges. In fact, some generic cartridges may last even longer than the genuine cartridges as they tend to put a little more ink or toner in the cartridge than necessary.

Based on our current prices, even with the price of postage, it would cost $57.12 to buy all four colours (Black LC139XL, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow LC135XL) in our compatible brand. The genuine cartridges would cost $137.86 in total. Which means that if you bought the compatibles, you’d be saving $80.74 in total, just for one set of cartridges. Now, image if you were buying multiple times per year for the next few years… that’s a lot of money.

We understand if people prefer to use genuine cartridges but keep in mind, we have a 90 day money-back guarantee which involves a returns process that allows for refunds or replacements if you are unsatisfied with the cartridges. In the end, we want to ensure that whether you buy genuine or generic brand cartridges, you are happy with what you have purchased from us.