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Are compatible cartridges worth the hassle?

You may have found yourself pondering the thought of buying compatible cartridges at some point and why wouldn’t you at least think about it? If anything, for the sole reason that compatible cartridges can be up to 70% cheaper than the genuine product. But before you buy them, you then have that second thought that […]

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The Truth About Remanufactured Cartridges!

The printer manufacturers will all tell you that they are evil! The Australian government is currently promoting them in all of their ‘sustainable workplace’ programs. Reduce Reuse, Recycle! So what IS the deal with re-manufactured cartridges?! We have all read the horror stories that circulate around, and the idea of buying re-manufactured may seem extremely […]

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Money saving tips for your printing

Money saving tips – Here’s our Top 10 ways to save! The cost of running a printer in a busy home or office can soon add up.  To help you we have put together our top 10 money saving tips for printing! 1.  What is your default print mode on your printer? Check your settings before you […]

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