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Save hours of time finding a new printer

Are you looking to buy a new printer? We have a feature that will save hours of time finding a new printer which has all of the features that you require. Our advanced printer search makes it simple for you to find the type of printer you are looking for. The link to the advanced printer search […]

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Are compatible cartridges worth the hassle?

You may have found yourself pondering the thought of buying compatible cartridges at some point and why wouldn’t you at least think about it? If anything, for the sole reason that compatible cartridges can be up to 70% cheaper than the genuine product. But before you buy them, you then have that second thought that […]

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Familiarise yourself with consumables

Ever wondered why you need to replace more than just the cartridges in your laser printer? It’s time to familiarise yourself with consumables beyond the cartridges. The one constant that everyone is aware of when purchasing a new printer is the need to replace cartridges when they run empty. For most inkjet printers, the cartridges […]

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Do cartridges have an expiry date?

This is a question that we come across all the time, and unfortunately there is no simple answer! The majority of ccartridges will have a used by/ best before date that is one-and-a-half to two years after the manufacturing date. This is because over time, exposure to air and water evaporation can cause changes to […]

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What is the difference between a black cartridge and a photo black?

We get asked this question A LOT! There are quite a lot of Canon, HP, and Epson printers now that need both a photo black, and a black cartridge, but why!? Because they use different types of ink. To take a popular Canon cartridge to use as an example, the CLI-8BK Photo Black cartridge uses […]

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